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"Okay, so basically the Stats prof just sodomized the entire class en masse."

So three out of my four exams went pretty well, all in all.

The _last_ one was a torment like unto Dante's Inferno. Basing half the exam on one chapter was not even remotely fair, IMO. Still, I _should_ pass the course (at least, I hope so: failing it twice would really suck) and...blah. Not gonna worry about it. If I can't take Tay's advice where it was actually meant, I can at least take it in the metaphorical sense.

My mom, feeling justifiably stir-crazy, and being egged on by the person in question, is considering having the lot of us fly up to Whitehorse to visit our "aunt" (not related, just a really close friend of Mom's) for the holidays. Assuming we actually go, it should be fun: haven't seen her daughters since before they got sent off to boarding school.

Now, of course there's drama about this,)when is there ever not drama?) because my sister already has plans with the boyfriend, and so would have to be left behind. Mom, demonstrating that peculiar differential fear for our respective safety that would have served me so well, is loath to let this happen. Hilarity ensues.

In a similar vein, I'm seriously pondering slipping down to Vancouver during reading week (Feb 19-27) to go see spaz_own_joo and Julia. The fact that my mother will be radioactive during that week and best stayed away from is only one more reason to make myself scarce.

Any thoughts?

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