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The Downward Spiral

Since it happens to be sufficiently insanely late at night, I'd like to wish the Black Captain spaz_own_joo a happy 21st birthday. I hope you're having a delightful time. Some people will have to be beaten with my cane if this is not the case.

Another school year drawing torturously to a close. A week left of classes, and three significant assignments due in the course of that week. I suppose I have no excuse to be surprised at this point. Was late to class this morning because my mother shanghaied me to play tech support. Still got my Poltical Science paper back today, with an A- grade. I will admit I probably could have done better, but given that I wrote that paper in one hellish night right after I'd come back from Vancouver, I'm feeling pretty pleased right about now.

After applying for a very lucrative-looking internship doing databases for the provincial government, I've decided that my constant bitching (especially to catrionnarain, along with anyone unfortunate enough to be next to me in a lab) about database coding isn't as much about my hating working with databases (as I seem, against my better judgment, to be constantly doing it), as it is my sheer, burning hatred of SQL. Of course, in this day and age, the two are largely inseparable. Just my luck.

Wish me some more luck with regards to actually getting said internship, though. I imagine it would be an ass-kicking way to spend the summer, or would at least beat spending it at home, where the odds of somebody snapping and going homicidal are unacceptably high. Either way, the money is very good indeed.

Next weekend is shaping up to be worth the suffering I'll be going through next week. *laughs* Seeing opendestiny to do something as-yet-unplanned, but near-certain to be enjoyable, after classes end on Friday, and then going to the Comp Sci department's year-end LAN party on Saturday, which I encourage those of you so inclined to attend. :P Even if your system sucks, you can sign up in CSC 1-24 to use one of the 15 department machines set aside for that purpose. At last count, 4 of these spots were taken. I shall need to burn some of my games to CD so I can bring them in.

Hmm. And it looks like the Pandora game will be coming off hiatus tomorrow. Good news. Could possibly have used more notice. :) I guess I'll be going to bed earlier, then, just to be up at a sane hour tomorrow (or sane enough to get some chores done before I leave, anyway).

But, before that, a little meme...

1. Total Volume of Music on my HD
Only counting the stuff I downloaded, it's about 1,800 songs totalling 10GB or so. I would prune it somewhat, but I can't think of what to get rid of. :)

2. The last CD I bought was:
The most-recently-released CD I own is Lacuna Coil's Comalies.
The last CD I bought was Tool's Aenima.

3. The song playing right now is Within Temptation's Forsaken, from the Silent Force album.

4. Ten albums that mean a lot to me, in no particular order. Either they introduced me to a new genre of music (in the case of, for example, Serpentine Gallery or the Hackers ST), or they have shitloads of emotional significance for me (like Mer de Noms or Fallen):, or because I just think they're that cool (The Fragile or At Sixes and Sevens)

A Perfect Circle's Mer De Noms
Garbage's Garbage
Evanescence's Fallen
Nine Inch Nails' The Fragile
The soundtrack from the movie "Hackers" (laugh, and I will hunt you down and kill you)
Paradise Lost's Symbol of Life
Sirenia's At Sixes and Sevens
Marilyn Manson's Holy Wood
Lacuna Coil's Comalies
Switchblade Symphony's Serpentine Gallery

5. 5 people that I hope will fill this out, and why:

skloak, because I've always been curious.
opendestiny, as part of my fiendish plot to stalk her the lazy way. :)
catrionnarain, so I can mock her...I mean, provide my opinion in a mature and reasonable fashion. Heh.
spaz_own_joo, mainly because it would provide him an excuse to bloody post something.
silenthunter, just to distract her from her upcoming move.



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Apr. 9th, 2005 07:18 pm (UTC)
There's no point me doing the whole meme, because the results are boring enough nobody else would care. But you can have the info yourself, anyway.

Volume of music: 1.36G. That's stuff I've downloaded, stuff people have sent me, and stuff I've ripped off my cds.

Last cd I bought: dunno. It's been a couple years since I bought a cd. I don't listen to music much (thus the uninteresting bit). Might be that Cher one, tho. Or the Bond one.

No music right now. Trek rerun on tv. Sort of paying attention, but I know them all well enough I don't really need to.

Ten albums that mean a lot? I don't know that any of them *mean* anything. I mean, there's some that I like, because I like the tracks on them, but I could download and burn them just as easily, so.. uh, I'll just collectively say my Beatles cds, because they'd be the most time-consuming to replace. Or maybe the Mahler cds, cuz most places are crap at carrying good classical music, and Mahler's fifth conducted by Zubin Mehta is kind of rare.

Mostly I just keep music around for whenever I get the urge to listen to something specific. The rest of the time I tend to prefer moving pictures or quiet. It makes me musically boring.
Apr. 10th, 2005 08:08 pm (UTC)
D'you think the CS department would mind a GMCC CS-type to show up, or will I be carried out of CSC by the Students' Association exec and tossed outside on my ass while they all chant "COMMUNITY COLLEGE!! COMMUNITY COLLEGE!! GO CLEAR SOME BONSAI BUDDY OFF MY GRANDMOTHER'S WINME BOX!!"?

...'cause, you know, I bet you're crusing for a Dawn of War brusin' :D

Apr. 11th, 2005 02:03 am (UTC)
I don't expect them to lynch you. If nothing else, they're all too scrawny. :) I'll ask some of them on Monday.

And if you're that anxious to be owned by my Eldar, why haven't you asked before now? :P

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