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I wonder when it became standard operating procedure to tell my family as little as possible about what was going on in my life? I'll have to mention her when I tell them where I'm going on Friday, but so far I haven't mustered the motivation to tell them yet. They'll just make a big deal about it, and, frankly, I prefer to spare myself the trouble.

Today was kind of...blah. Maybe I was just displeased by being surprised with work as soon as I had settled down today. A minister (or seminary graduate, at least) that I used to type papers for when he was in school wanted me to type up an article he'd written, with approximately twenty minutes' warning.

I despise having my plans changed. But I like money. So I did it. Since it's meant for public consumption anyway, I feel no qualms about posting it here. The only comment I have being that these are all his original words - he complained so much about the near-reflexive changes I'd made because I thought they'd read better that I eventually stopped trying.

As I told euph0ra, "Guess it's petty of me...but I'll be as petty as I please. This once."

There Is a Heavenly Home


An article submitted by Minister Sunday Ugwoeri


I am not 100 percent sure about your personal convictions when it comes to a “heavenly home”. But, believe it or not, “In my Father’s house there are many mansions. If it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.” (see John 14:2).


            Without doubt, the scripture has made it clear to us that this unstable world, full of sin and doubt, is not our everlasting home. God has something better for his people. Through His mercy, He has made a place better than this universe, a place eternal in magnificence and well designed for His children who have accepted Jesus Christ as their personal saviour. That place is known as the “Heavenly Home.” As a man of God, I am anticipating to see our Heavenly home and to see Jesus and other Christians who belong to Him. I know very well that by mistake, some of us who don’t believe in Heaven will give a different notion to the idea of heavem, “while our hearts in despair regard heaven as well intended fiction” (see Crabtree, p. 413). For sure, Jesus has made a promise to His people. He said that “he would prepare a place for us” (see John 14:2). As a Christian, I believe everything that Christ has said about the Heavenly Home, but some people still have problems believing in it.


            Therefore, in this exercise it is my intent to consider three main points regarding the assumption of a Heavenly Home: Why is it complicated to believe in a Heavenly Home? Why should we believe in a Heavenly Home? What benefit should we receive from believing in a Heavenly Home?


Why is it complicated to believe in a Heavenly Home?

In actual sense, the Heavenly Home is not in this world. It is a dwelling place of God and also a future home of the saints. Heaven is beyond our imagination to comprehend. It is beyond the stars of the sky. This world is familiar to us. We are used to it but not here permanently. We have learned how to establish ourselves comfortably into this world. As time goes on, we become more acquainted with the world. We become active to the systems of this world, and discern that we can obtain confidence in bank accounts, houses, a system of government, schools, and churches. It is always hard to accept that life can be better without the things and happenings that have brought us pleasure in this universe.


            Heaven surpasses death. There is nothing like death in Heaven. It is full of happiness and enjoyment, whereas death reminds us of the consequences of sin. Graves reveal to us how man is powerless and lacks knowledge. The Scripture says in Romans 14:9 that “Christ is Lord both of the dead and of the living,” but death brings fear into our hearts. A Heavenly Home seems too good to be true. The expert of things in this world cannot comprehend the glories of Heaven. There is no place in this world that is not polluted by the human race, sickness, and death. How I wish we could see God and also be like Christ!



Why should we believe in a Heavenly Home?

            This universe is not sufficient enough. There are lots of injustices existing in this world, but in Heaven there is nothing like injustice, because our God is a God of justice. This world has nothing much to satisfy us spiritually. In actual sense, we are not supposed to be satisfied with this world where good people suffer a lot and bad people succeed in life, where pastors face problems like the sickness and death of children. The Heavenly Home is the place that God promised to his children. After Christ was resurrected from death, he made a promise to his disciples that “I go to prepare a place for you,” (see John 14:2). Our God is a God of truth. He never lies but always keeps his word. Our minds or intellects will never be able to grasp all that God has in mind for us in heaven, but we can trust that in Jesus’ hands, He will look after every detail. The redeemer who promised heaven to his children was raised from the dead and now lives within us. His Spirit is our promise of full redemption in heaven (see Eph 1:13-14 and II Cor 1:22, 5:5).


What benefits should we receive from believing in a Heavenly Home?

            It should enable us to bear in mind that we, as children of God, possess the only real security in heaven. Our real security has nothing to do with property, insurance, bank accounts, or old age pensions. Children of God are all secure in God alone. Those that are pure in spirit like Lazarus in the Bible can be happy because they have life in Heaven that will never end. The Heavenly Home should keep us rejoicing when we think of our beloved ones who have gone to answer the call of God. They are now in Heaven with the Lord. Their hope with God is certain. We don’t need to worry ourselves anymore about them. When we lose our loved ones, we will see them no more in this universe, but we know they are now with our Father in heaven.


            The Heavenly Home helps us to overcome fear of our forthcoming death. In Christ Jesus we are safe. We don’t need to bother ourselves about coming back to this sinful world with sickness or having our life taken away suddenly in an accident. Heaven should enable us to be our best and do our best while on this earth. Being 100% sure of heaven should allow us to live godly lives without being hindered by earthly frustrations and hardships. According to the Scripture, we can also say, “For to me, to live is Christ, and to die is gain” (see Phil 1:21). With that type of dynamic faith, we should be eager to take the necessary risks without fear, aiming only to become like Christ and to cherish him with all our lives.


In Conclusion:

          There are many ways to travel around the world, but there is only one way to our heavenly home, and that was is through Jesus Christ. To be a Christian you must believe in the existence of heaven. We will continue to be miserable and fearful when we only accept to believe in heaven half-heartedly. The summary of my work is that we must take Jesus’ promise about the Heavenly Home seriously. Therefore, I urge you as brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus, to count your blessings and name them one by one. Then you will see what Jesus has done for you. We have no reason to give for not believing in the Heavenly Home., because we believe in God without question.



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Apr. 11th, 2005 03:31 pm (UTC)
You are adorable. ;) If only I had my car though, eh?

[P]astors face problems like the sickness and death of children

Definately the best line in the entire thing. 'cause, you know, pastors are the only ones that deal with children getting sick and dying. I mean, parents don't, and for sure pediatricians don't. *rolls eyes*
Apr. 11th, 2005 08:37 pm (UTC)
Adorable, yes. Adored? :P
Well, you'll have your car in a month or so, I imagine. What you'll do with it, of course, remains to be seen. ;)

As for me, I like the quote "For me, to live is Christ, and to die is gain." It just sounds so...chilling and fanatical.

Apr. 11th, 2005 08:47 pm (UTC)
Re: Adorable, yes. Adored? :P
Ok, wait wait wait. I couldn't read that whole thing because it made my soul burn, and soulburning is painful. So I missed that part. To live is christ? Christ is an adjective now? Like, instead of 'christ on a cracker' people will be saying 'christ crackers! Delicious and low-fat! Look just like Jesus on the cross!'?

My head, my head..
Apr. 11th, 2005 10:17 pm (UTC)
Re: Adorable, yes. Adored? :P
There, there. Zeal is such a terrible thing to behold. It will be all right.

The Diderot solution may be required, but it will be all right.

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