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"Judas is teamkilling again!""

Just finished my very last homework assignment of the term. How delightful. *grins*

I now know, more or less, what will be going on with the whole family thing. The wedding, apparently, will be in August, around the time my sister runs off to her American college as planned. Sometime between now and a year from now, Mom will finish wrapping up her affairs and move down south to be with her sweetheart. I have yet to dissuade everyone from believing I will be joining them after I finish my Bachelor's up here. This will require monkey-cunning. Or deadly weaponry.

Got through the week without any deaths. Very welcome. Really, the weekend was what I was looking forward to. Of course. *grins* Handing in my assignment, going to morning classes, then meeting Lindsay after lunch. Fun, hopefully, will ensue.

Am busily downloading stuff to burn for Saturday's LAN party - I must remember to pick up some blank CDs while I'm out.

You lot should all read this (courtesy of Aquarionics.) Now this is a terrorist group I can get behind.


Brother Katana of Rational Argument


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Apr. 15th, 2005 09:00 am (UTC)
That was so totally awesome.
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