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All Over But The Crying

Mmm. Up late working. I thought I was done with that when school ended. Heh.

Now comes the sheer joy of waiting for my grades to trickle in. I'm always told, of course, that there's no point worrying because I can't do anything, and you know, I ordinarily try and follow that view in basically everything else. I guess it's so hard here because I always feel as if I could have done more. Honestly, though, I have improved, and I know that.

The question is - fast enough? Probably not. I may need a fifth year to finish my BSc. I suppose things could be worse, though, so I won't complain excessively. Besides, I could only complain to myself, and that's really so pointless as to require scientific notation.

While I've been delightfully hedonistic and indolent this weekend, this really has to stop. I need to get out of the house. There's a chance of me getting the provincial disability subsidy (which Mom nagged me into applying for, because I don't really think I deserve it. But that's another rant.), but, you know, I can't just sit back this summer even if I'm being paid for it.

Not because I couldn't be up to it - though a four-month summer of idleness, I have learned, stretches even my formidable capacity for idleness - but because Mom will be entirely impossible to live with, it seems. At least she's not bugging me to clean my room (she may simply have given up on hurrying my doing that), but woe betide anyone who takes more than five minutes to get to something she needs done.

If the world ends tomorrow because I took the time to tell the people I was talking to that I was leaving for a bit before taking out the garbage, I suppose we'll all know who to blame.

Public service announcement: I can be the soul of politeness - if you're being reasonable. If you're not - on your own head be it.

On an entirely unrelated note, a poem that vaguely resembles haiku:

Slowly, love's tree dies
Red leaves replaced with pity.
So tragic a sight.



( Walk in the shadow — Cast a shadow )
May. 3rd, 2005 01:52 pm (UTC)
*hugs you*
This too shall pass. Good luck job hunting!
( Walk in the shadow — Cast a shadow )