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Today has been an odd sort of day, from the start.

For one, I actually remembered what I dreamt about last night. Anyone who knows me well enough (and, admittedly, asks about this sort of thing) will be aware how bloody unusual that is in my experience. And it was a very nice dream too.

However, this awareness is not all sunshine and kittens, reminding me as it does of several very pleasant memories, a few less pleasant truths, and big steaming pools of uncertainty.

Oh, well. I'll live.

That aside, I must have been visited by Muse, because I was left when I woke up in the morning with a very persistent story idea in my head, struggling to resolve itself into something I could actually use. Oh, well. I need something to do with all the time I'll have this summer, even with working. It may as well be plunging back into the writing game. This setting's been begging for me to do something with it since I tried and failed to put together that NWN module so many years go.

My grades have (all but one) come back in, and are...mediocre. This is, however,up from last year's "abysmal", so I am less displeased than I could have been. The Group Theory exam that I bombed in spectacular fashion left me with a C+ in the course, which surprised me to no end. Plus, being entirely finished with Statistics is good for celebration in my book.

Tommy's birthday party was supposed to be this weekend, as the day in question was today. But silly Pittman can't attend for some reason, and of course vlosk has a date, so iit's been pushed to next week. So Jen, if you somehow read this, feel free to drag him home and take advantage of him. He's got nowhere to be. :P

There's a job fair on Monday that I shall be attending, so there's some stuff I need to put together for it this weekend. Otherwise, though, likely more of the same.