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"I think i just had an evilgasm."

Fixed the one bug that marred the client presentation yesterday. I'm really very pleased that there was only one bug.

Actually, there were two. But nobody noticed the second one. *fingers to lips* Our secret. Dealt with anyway.

Went to lunch afterwards with Andy and his mom. They're actually a good bit of fun to meet together (even when they start good-heartedly sniping at each other), and I needed to catch up with them. We chatted nicely over all sorts of topics, nachos, and margaritas...and, of course, he needed to avail himself of the use of my personal library.

By all that is holy, will that be a bitch to move.

Have been rereading His Dark Materials over the past couple of days. I fear I had forgotten how good it was. Starting Amber Spyglass tonight: it promises to entertain in spectacular fashion. Climaxes are like that, and what I remember of Amber Spyglass epitomizes climax.

Also, anyone to whom I haven't yet recommended The Order Of The Stick should consider themselves recommended. It's a delightfully funny comic, especially to anyone who has played any D&D at all.

Mom has been away all day at her church group. I really wish I didn't enjoy her being away so much, but I guess we all have our little vices to be guilty about. And, of course, some other ices that I don't feel guilty about in the slightest. :)

Ral, on the other hand, is going utterly berserk and clingy. I really wonder how she will do when she runs off to Atlanta to her black women's college (they haven't accepted her yet, but I can dream, eh?). I fear she will drive her roommates mad. She's already driving me mad, but that's mainly because she and her boyfriend are fighting a bit too much these days. It's almost a shame: she had such high hopes for this one: then again, she always does. I do not expect, though, that their relationship will survive their going to different schools.

Tomorrow I will be hunting down this weekend's job application targets. Tonight, I will be kicking back and playing something that involves lots of explosions.



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