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"Since when do goblins have aim?"

So, today was certainly as busy as I had imagined it.

Left early today, both because it was rather necessary and because, frankly, I wanted to. Went to EB to grab the NWN expansions I'd been hunting down, so andur could stop threatening my life and actually move on to taking it. Notice to all of you game-shoppers - put money down on your pre-orders. That way, someone like me who asks the right questions will be less able to come in and gank your game out from under your nose because I'm prepared to pay for it on the spot.

That still left me with two hours to kill before I had to meet Andy, which I filled mainly with the book I'd brought (Carey's Kushiel's Chosen, since I'm in the middle of a reread of that trilogy), along with, sadly, the World's Most Heinous Taco Salad. Admittedly, I probably deserved it for going to Taco Bell, but eccch. The meat wasn't actually meat as much as this odd-looking paste that was almost, but not quite, completely unlike the proper colour and flavour, the shell was just as far off its Platonic ideal, being this...almost papery, off-white thing masquerading as a tortilla....and in fact the only thing not fucked up was the vegetables - probably because it takes effort to make vegetables not be vegetables.

I have suffered so you do not have to. Do not let my suffering be in vain.

In any case, after that I ran off to meet vlosk and his helpful (and pretty!) realtor friend for the tours we were going on. He sums up the buildings we were looking at quite well in his entry, but I think I'd rank them differently than he does, if only because convenience is oh-so-terribly important to me in a new place. Of course, the choice is more his than mine, and more his dad's than his. And, of course, we can still do better. So I will just have to see what they end up coming up with. This needs both our perspectives, I think - I see with a tenant's eyes, Andy sees with a balanced view, and his dad will likely just see with the investor's eyes.

And of course, there is still time. Though really not so much time as I might like. The rush is more on Mom, her fiance, and Ral than it is on me, though...especially if they want to use the proceeds from this place to put towards Ral's first year of college in the States (not that they even know if she's gotten accepted, apparently. I don't know why there was such a late start on this - it was clear she wanted to do this even before the idea was raised by The Fiance.) . I just need to know when they sell this place in order to make my arrangements, ideally.

Aaanyway...after I got home and had dinner and did all that stuff, it was time to start andur's NWN module. It was pretty fun, actually, if a bit disorganised the first time around. We actually even managed to RP a bit, which was welcome in the extreme and even surprised Tom. Once we weaned Andy off his CRPG habit of looting everything in sight. Odd that he kept that habit, but not the habit of clicking the Level Up button when it's available to you.

Just teasing ya, man.

Anyways, I think once we get all the kinks out, this will actually work pretty well. We could use one more person, since the campaign was balanced for four, but the two remaining people from last year's games are hellishly busy as interns somewhere. So, if any of you know anyone with NWN and both its expansions who feels like some gaming, maybe you could send them andur's way?



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Jul. 9th, 2005 08:55 am (UTC)
Well, I'd play, except that I've lent my copies of NWN out to a friend so I don't currently have access to the discs. :( I personally love that game to pieces.
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