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Wow. Just wow.

If there has ever been a day more worthy of squeeing, it was today. I finally got a job! And my book arrived about twenty minutes after I got back from the interview! It's almost been going _too_ well. Something is about to go wrong, I'm sure of it. I don't know what or when or how, but it's going to. :D Even Ral's noticed my mood - it's been that...uncharacteristic.

The job itself is all right - not the one I talked about a couple of days ago. I'm doing paid office assistant work for this little nonprofit group called the Asia-Pacific Accord of Canada, who do education and cultural awareness efforts for Asian cultures - Chinese, Korean, Indian, the lot. Sort of a unified deal. I'll be helping maintain their computers, doing accounting and letters and stuff. Less money than the other one, but more hours, and a much better location - the office is on the top floor of the library building downtown. I'm really looking forward to starting it monday.

As for Potter...wow. Just wow. I think that everything I said about the last one goes just as much for this one. I was on cloud nine when the postman finally showed up, and it showed, I'm sure. At least by the comment he made - though I suppose he'd been delivering a lot of those books today. Got it about 4:30, and then hid out in my room for the next three-four hours devouring it.

Well worth it - I would even have paid full price, but I'm glad I didn't. :) I don't know quite what it is about Rowling's work that makes me laugh almost hysterically and smile like my face is about to break, but I do know that few books have ever done as good a job of drawing me into their world as hers do. I think that's really the heart of their popularity. I know I want to live in a world where magic is real, wheere every day at school is a new wonder...even one under threat like this one is.

I will refrain from going into specifics. Kim and Lindsay would never speak to me again (if not team up to beat me into a bloody pulp) and, really, it's not worth it to offend cute girls for the sake of discussion. :) You all know how to reach me if you want to talk about it amongst ourselves.

However, I will say that the book continues the darker tone started in Order of the Phoenix, though thankfully without as much of the Harry-angst that drowned that book.The kid is growing up into quite a young man. I was also happy to see that romance takes a larger role - all you fanfic writers will know what the canon pairings are so that they can be more thoroughly ignored. And the book itself is just chock-full of surprises. The new DADA teacher is a surprise. The Half-Blood Prince will be a surprise (though maybe not if you pay a good deal of attention). And the death this go-round? Surprise city, people.

And I really cannot say any more. Except possibly: squee! Two years until the last one, I guess - where will I be reading that one, I wonder?



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Jul. 17th, 2005 03:40 am (UTC)
Although, if the beating is assured, and makes Kim travel up to Canada to sacrifice you on the tree of woe, then you should consider it. At least you'll get to meet her. ;)
Jul. 17th, 2005 06:14 pm (UTC)
Hey Cheebs,

On a completely unrelated topic, I assume you played Vampire: Bloodlines. I'm looking for a new game to play after my final exam tomorrow. What did you think of it? Would somebody who absolutely loved Deus Ex but isn't really into the whole goth/I vant to speel your dreeeenk!! scene enjoy it? The offical website makes it look cheesier than Blade with OMG VAMPRIRE BOOBIES being the main draw, but it is Troika that made it, so there's gotta be something there. Anyway, just let me know a yay or nay and maybe I'll have it fall off the back of the Internet tonight.

Jul. 18th, 2005 01:28 am (UTC)
Hey, big kudos on the Job! I _told_ you there was something out there for you!

Also, thx for not spoiling HP; shall hopefully get around to reading it after I finish American Gods [which is just plain nifty, thx for the loan].

Last but not least, to balance Chigbo's inevitable glowing review of VTM Bloodlines... its both a great game and the most unstable professional release I have ever witnessed. Buy it, play it, enjoy it... but save often, patch often, and prepare yourself for a myriad of bugs, glitches, crashes, and some scary performance if you have < 2 gigs of RAM [crank your swap file up to help with this, but still... :P].

Bugs asside though, that game has one of the better haunted houses I've seen in a LONG time.

'just my 2 cents
Jul. 18th, 2005 04:57 am (UTC)
I knew from the moment I opened the book that he was going to die.

I think, quite possibly, that his death is having a worse effect on me than the death of my own grandfather, who I certainly did not know or love nearly as much. And perhaps my utter despair is augmented by the knowledge of what is to come in the seventh book.
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