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Work is going all right - I'm settling into my tasks and doing a good job at them. I may fill in more details in this spot later.

The Fiance still wants to go out somewhere tomorrow, just him and I. Where? He doesn't really know, he just says he wants me to show him around the city. My disability and, admittedly, my temperament, makes me a very bad tour guide, though, and my interests are almost completely unlike his as far as can be perceived. I want to make this work, at least for my mother's sake, but I've not the slightest clue how to.

If the Fringe Theatre Festival was on, we might enjoy a trip there, but as it isn't, and as the current festival (Klondike Days, which started yesterday with a downtown-choking parade) holds little enough appeal to me aside from two of the evening music acts on the 25th and 30th...I'm low on ideas, and the whole enterprise is only slightly more palatable than having my eyes pulled out by red-hot tongs.

Saying this, of course, lacks diplomacy. I may be saved by sheer apathy and the fact that we have a wedding to attend on Sunday (I think), but should I not be so lucky, I guess I'll have to come up with something to do with a travelling companion two and a half times my age.

Arguably better, inarguably longer news follows. To spare your friends pages, it's going under three separate cuts.

Plans for the move are...proceeding. Our family friend in the Yukon has bought the house for her daughter, though said daughter won't be moving in until the end of this year, since she wants her to spend a year in Residence. Silly IMO, but not my decision.

Until then, she'll be renting it out, and I will be one of the renters, living down in the basement suite, which will apparently, when finished, have its own kitchen and bathroom and such. As there's space there for two, I'm looking to find myself a roommate to help with the costs, and to make things easier for all involved.

Since there has been an outbreak of reason among most of the friends I'd been talking to - Andrew and Andy have said no, Tommy probably won't be able to, and I always thought Nathan had already arranged a place if he was leaving at all (no complaints - reason is a good thing, and if this hadn't been forced on me I'd likely have stayed myself, all my bitching aside. :D), I may have to cast a wider net looking for them. But I expect I will manage.

As for my family - well. My sister's college admission for this fall appears to have fallen through, so she looks to be going with them to New York at least for the time being. I am not sure if they've been able to find housing that they can actually afford but has the space they need (just the two of them plus possibly Ral, but I know they'll want to drag all four of the kids from their combined previous marriages back home for some occasion or other, so...).

Considering that they're looking in the terribly expensive area that lies within commuting range of New York City (as The Fiance's business demands it), all evidence points to...no. Yet they all still plan to move by the end of August. I do hope this all works out.

Entering the fourth year of my seriously fucked-up university program, and decisions have had to be made. I finally ran the numbers on my graduation requirements. They are not pretty. Then again, I didn't deserve pretty.

The Specialization Computing Science program is not a feasible route now. I would need to obtain a B+ average on 5 CMPUT/MATH/STAT (effectively MATH, because I can't take any 300 or 400 level CMPUT courses without being in Specialization. Goddamn it.) courses next year in order to re-enter it. This is not the problem. I know I'm capable of that, for all that I've a C average because I'm a slacker.

The problem is that were I to obtain this average, I would be just as well off graduating BSc General with a Math major and a CS minor, which I can do with a B average on six MATH courses next year. My average in CMPUT is not a problem - if they offered CMPUT as a major in the General program, I'd be fine, and just need to get a C+ in two CMPUT courses, and pass two MATH courses.

So. I can possibly graduate this year. I just need to actually do as well as I can, as opposed to just well enough to pass. Last year was an improvement, but I need to push myself to do even better.

2 200 level and 4 300 level math courses, the first-year earth science and psychology courses I didn't need to take while I was in Spec, and two electives (probably in Poli Sci) to round it out. It sounds like the program from Hell. But it's no worse than I deserve. Wish my luck in expiating my sins against academia.

Considering how the hell I can graduate inevitably leads to what the hell I'm going to do after I graduate. Which I actually think I've managed to decide as well. Mostly. I'm going to take the LSAT this fall, at least. If I do well enough on that...well, then I'll try applying to some law schools for next year.

Where? Here, possibly. Though really, I'm just as likely to leave. I've considered Vancouver, and also Ottawa or Toronto or even the northeast States. (At my mother's urging. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. :P)

Assuming a good LSAT score, I'll apply to a good crop of schools, see which ones will take me, and then make the final decision. If I think I can afford law school, and find a good choice that will accept me, then I'll go. If not...then I'll look for work in IT with my shiny new math degree. Will I still leave Edmonton? It could well be so.

Phew. Well. Now you know what's going on in my life. And this is the sane and practical part thereof. Heh. :)



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Jul. 22nd, 2005 08:42 pm (UTC)
Is The Fiance American? How's that working out, immigration-wise?

I ask because I'm currently strongly considering a move to Toronto, and the very first idea that popped into everyone's heads was "We could get married". That plan was quickly scrapped in favour of going to school on a study permit instead. This is a lot less messy. So it's really just curiosity asking.

That said, if your basement were in Toronto, I'd offer to room with you... but, wrong side of the country and all.
Jul. 22nd, 2005 09:23 pm (UTC)
Wait, we could get married! :D
The Fiance is an American citizen, yes, though I don't know how the immigration hassles are going. I'm not sure they've really been considered - I think they don't expect any hurdles, since she's a Canadian citizen anyway, and US Immigration tends to give us a relatively easy ride.

And hey, good luck if you go up to school in Toronto. What would you be studying? Maybe if I end up there I'll look you up.

Jul. 23rd, 2005 03:28 am (UTC)
I've got an even better idea!
I'd be rather grumpy to find out that US Immigration is an easier process than Canadian. That was some confusing paperwork I was looking at!

I'd still be studying culinary, like planned. I need to make a big list of schools and see which ones work out best for me.

See, what happened was that I was all prepared to go to school in New York, when it suddenly hit me that I'd be borrowing upwards of $35000 for my two year degree (and that's after I take my scholarships and grants into consideration), and holy-crap-is-that-ever-a-lot-of-money. Even after any international student fees, Canadian school would be cheaper by far, and I had just been up in the area visiting people-that-I-love... That's about the point where I proposed marriage.
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