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"Now tip it over and set it on fire!"

Well, that show rocked. Even though I spent half of it on the outside looking in because I failed to anticipate just how popular Finger Eleven would be (stupid, stupid me). For about 45 minutes, I'd thought that this:

was the closest I'd get to the stage. But I was pretty determined to enjoy myself even standing on my buckling legs for the better part of an hour, and leaning against the fence. And so I did. *grins* They played a couple of my favourite tunes (notably Absent Elements, First Time, and Complicated Questions), and, even if I couldn't see the stage from there, I could damned well hear them, and it beat listening to them at home hands down. Of course. I only wish I'd been as enterprising as this fellow:

(As an aside, it amuses me that the raucous fellows behind me back there who kept shouting to hear Drag You Down were sadly disappointed.)

But about halfway through the show, some enterprising soul managed to shift the fences enough to create a big enough gap to squeeze through, without the security fellows noticing - likely because they were busy letting people in through the gate. Us in the waiting crowd noticed, of course, and the braver among us slipped over to that end and got inside the fence that way. From then, it was on! I slipped through the crowd trying to get closer to the stage, all the while feeling the music and the rocking bass get louder, that familiar feeling of rightness running through me - this was what a concert was supposed to be like.

And then I spotted that wonderful little blue-and-white wheelchair sign in front of this fenced area just to the right of the stage. Never been so happy to be a cripple. :) Got myself a seat within sight range of the stage, even if that meant staring through the outstretched arms of hundreds of fans standing in front of the stage. No mosh pit, though - those same security fellows were prowling the edges of the crowd with water cannons.

Okay, they weren't. But it would have been cool. In any case, I got to my new spot just as my favourite tune from the band came on - SUFFOCATE! And it was a great spot too - I was even able to grab this shot:

And that, I think, is when I really started to enjoy myself. And the rest of the crowd seemed to share my opinion - they were almost frantic with appreciation. I almost thought I could have joined them for a bit, out in the energetic press of bodies out front - but it was probably best that I didn't, right now. When the set finally ended with "One Thing", we managed to get them out for an encore ("Good Times", heh), before the crowd broke up. On the way out, yet another enterprising fellow managed to move the fence to open a much wider path for us to stream out through, prompting me to shout out the title line to general laughter from those around me.

I'm so glad I went. I doubt this surprises anyone, but there you are. :)

As an aside - I found out on the way home that there is never a non-awkward way to tell a strange girl that she's pretty. On the bright side, at least I managed to say it. I suppose this is an improvement.