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"End it with the ending of a night."

Last Light of the Sun (Guy Gavriel Kay) is an amazing book. I can't believe that it took me over a year to track it down and read it. He has once again reaffirmed his place as one of my favourite authors, and anyone with even the slightest interest in historical fiction (historical fantasy, really) should really already know of and love him. He has such a lyrical, poetic style that you can't help being touched by his work, and even learning something from it at the same time.

It has a bit narrower of a focus than his earlier books, though, in the sence that the conflict in the world is a bit less...cataclysmic than it has been in, for example, Lions of Al-Rassan. This is not a tale of armies and conquest, as much as it is a tale of raids and butchery - I suppose much like the 800s Britain/Scandinavia on which it was based. But I think that that does help the human element to come to the fore - then again, it does in all of Kay's work, and that's part of his charm.

Still, I think that there lies my only complaint about the book. It can be difficult to really ascertain what the main plot is. Is it the the three-cornered animosity (lessening, admittedly), and the two-sided fight between the Cyngael, Anglcyn, and Erlings? Is it the story of the faeries, their Queen who captures the dead of moonless nights, and the fate of her lovers when she tires of them? It takes a while to come to the fore, and I still haven't really answered that question.

But I don't especially mind it, because the best part of a Kay book is his richly detailed worlds and characters. Even if I didn't have the slightest clue what the story was, I would read through the book just for the sheer pleasure of reading his work, noticing his hallmarks, falling in love with his characters, and spotting the references to his earlier work (Sarantine Mosaic references are especially heavy in this book, which takes place about 400 years after it.) Highly recommended, and a great way to spend the day off.

I'm really in a good mood, as it happens. I found out about the changes to my local bus route that have it running until nearly 10PM on weeknights, right past my front door, and up to 6pm on weekends. I got today off from work at the price of hal;f shifts on Saturday and Sunday, my sister is going away for a week to see her boyfriend off in lovely North Dakota, I copied my wedding pictures over to the computer (will post them shortly). Even the downsides are more just plain confusion than actual bad news.

All I need now is to hear that Jen has our NIN tickets, that Andy and John have decided to move in, and that the government has approved my AISH funding. Then again, if all that happened today, I might die of sheer shock. So it's probably better if it doesn't.