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Only three weeks to go...

I must say this for office work - I was entirely out of practice in justifying the patently absurd and abandoning my right to an opinion contradicting that of my organisation. When they said summer work prepared you for reality, I doubt that this was precisely what was meant.

I don't object to working for people. I just wish that there was a middle-ground between the faceless, cynical, slavedriving assholes that infested Ipsos management, and the starry-eyed, kindly-but-clueless, fanatically driven idealist that I'm working for now. I suppose that those are the personality types that tend to attain leadership positions, so I might as well get used to it, and hope for a little moderation - an idealist who hasn't entirely lost their grip on reality, perhaps. Or a cynic with a heart and a sense of proportion. Surely we aren't that rare?

At least I have music - brought in my headphones and my long-neglected CD collection. I could always steal the speakers from Charles' computer - lord knows he isn't using them. But that would be excessively complicated, so I settle for wearing the headphones, and listening to this ancient computer choke on multitasking Media Player with...well, with _anything_, really.

It's a living. And an easy living, at that. But it sounds like this will be another one of those jobs that I will leave behind and never darken their door again even on social calls. The organization could collapse in ruin a day after I cashed my final paycheck and I would only be mildly perturbed.

Perhaps I'm just a bit of a sociopath. Or maybe Mike's right, and I enjoy bitching about work too much to be really happy in a job I actually like. I just wish I would actually get a chance to test that theory one of these days. Maybe when I start working full time and actually in my field.