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All Hail Femputer!

BBC newscaster declares women to rule world, men reduced to sperm donors.

I, for one, welcome our new, curvy overlords.

All (joking...mostly aside, I dislike the metaphor "battle of the sexes" for precisely this reason. Thios should not be a struggle for dominance - unless that's the way you swing, of course. ;) Feminism Done Right only exhorts both genders to work together, instead of one treating the other as property and only useful for reproduction. I don't think the balance has swung around the other way yet anyway - no industry is yet female-dominated the way it was male-dominated before. Not the media, not politics, not big business.

And vice versa, you have growing numbers of men joining historically female professions, like aesthetics and domestic services and nursing - along, yes, with exotic dancing and "escort services". I think that growing balance can only be a good thing, and I only hope things stay there, instead of what funwithrage calls the "batshit feminists" swinging things the other way. I will admit that I wouldn't entirely mind being a kept man for a new matriarchy, but I think I would vastly prefer that both genders really learned to work together in equality.

After all, you can only keep slaves who do not remember what it is like to be free. And so, despite the dreams of slackers everywhere, 'love slave" is not going to become a viable career anytime soon. Besides, even if it were - if women were free to use men as chattel, they would still pick the ones they mostly do now - the ones with confidence, competence, and good looks, that are pleasant to be around. Or as many of those qualities as they can get, at least.

I predict bloody, vicious death matches over the rights to Johnny Depp.




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Aug. 16th, 2005 07:22 pm (UTC)
I get him first.

And then I get James Marsters.

And then I get James Marsters again :)
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