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Holy control freak, Batman!

One night until Garbage. All is well. Enough.

Going to see another place on Monday after work- it's on Whyte and 97th. Not exactly in walking distance of all the fun stuff, but pretty nicely located all told, and reasonably priced. So, of course, my mother objects to the possibility of my living with musicians.

Yes, you read that correctly. It gets better! When her original rationale of "hey, the noise will keep you awake/distract you from studying", failed to move me, she shifted to "oh no, those EEEVIL musicians will corrupt you into a life of drugs and debauchery! I don't want you exposed to that in your final year of college!"

What. The. Fuck. I haven't even seen the place or met the current residents. I might decide I don't like it. I could very easily just not go there - though it's presently at the top of my list from "convenient location" points alone.

Who knew that the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse were actually just a band? I'll bet Famine is the drummer - metal scales can make some cool sounds when banged on.

In better news, though - the denizens of #eddings have dragged me into a nice little webgame based on the old BBS door Legend of the Red Dragon. I've found it even more fun than nostalgia alone would indicate, and so I'm pimping it here. For those of you who try it: it'll surely be easy to find me. :)

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