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Reports of my kidnapping by Swedes have been greatly exaggerated. Besides, there's only two or three I'd really want to do the job anyway. One of whom only debatably counts.

What, you thought you'd escaped my gushy Garbage post? You must be mad. I've just been busy and rather frazzled all around - I'm stealing time at work to finally get this silly thing up. Thank heaven I only have two more days here.

So, Sunday evening was the much-anticipated show. Mike (Cervantes Xavier by any other name...) grabbed me from home - it was good to see him again. He was as vulgar and funny as always, and the trip to WEM, abode of demons and haven of the lost, passed in no time at all. We met vlosk and black_app outside of Julio's for dinner - Jen showed up late for some reason, but it was all good.

Everyone seemed to get along rather well, actually. Not that I was expecting them not to, but it was still good to see. The conversation over food was enjoyable, even though we never got the waitress to freak out as much as Mike was clearly trying to. No, you are still not allowed to fire off signal flares in the mall. It was terribly amusing, as an aside, that after listening to our early table banter, the waitress would always only give us four knives. :)

Food was nice as always. I'd actually brought my ID for once, so I had a margarita (with blue Curacao. Felt like trying it: just don't ask me to pronounce it), along with some spicy shrimp, and a delicious serving of "deep fried ice cream" for dessert. Don't ask me how it works. It just does. Yummmm.

Andy also got us all to try the level five Nuclear Salsa - it was a bit less painful than I had anticipated. Clearly, my mother has trained me well. Or something.

Fed and watered, we said goodbye to Sandra and headed for Red's. Apparently the bouncers like me, as we got processed quickly through the last bit of the line. We had, however, misjudged when the show would actually start (then again, who in blazes puts 7:00PM on the ticket when the show only starts at 9 at the earliest?).

So we had some time to kill. Which was quite all right, vomiting babies from AFHV on the club's big screen, and a shamefully non-varied audio track (how many times did they play Zwitter again? It's a good song, but sheesh...) notwithstanding. After all, we still had the four of us, and we continued to happily banter the hours away.

Show started a bit late, about 9:20 or so. The opening band was this group called The Start - or, as I called them, "An opening act as named by Abbot and Costello.". They remind me a good deal of Hole, or Jack Off Jill, or bands in that vein (except with more guys), and they're surprisingly good - I impulse-bought their CD after the show. Also, their lead singer Aimee Echo (who's plenty edible herself), dedicated a song to "the incredible edible Shirley Manson". That turn of phrase forgives much. Not that there was much that needed forgiving.

There was a long delay between acts, a bit more fuel for the fire of my distaste for Red's as a venue (along with the massive Speakers of Doom blocking most sightlines from the side of the stage, and their inexplicable dislike for actually letting people hear the fucking vocals), but eventually Garbage came on, and the crowd was delighted to see them - myself included, of course. :P

We were seated, of course, because right now I would never survive on the floor at a concert, assuming I could even stay on my feet for that long. :) But, taking an idea from Andy, I was perched on the back of my chair for pretty much the entire two hour set so that I could see. Of course, because of the aforementioned Speakers of Doom, all I could really see was Shirley. This was...quite all right, thank you.

*brief drooling fanboy interlude*

The crowd was basically nuts with enthusiasm all night, cheering madly and full-on rocking out...even me atop my not-entirely-stable perch. No falling, surprisingly, though I might have scared Mike or Andy a couple of times - really getting into things, singing at throat-ripping volumes and taking almost too long to steady myself. :)

The set was pretty evenly split among their work, with a certain understandable focus on their newest album. They did miss my two favourite songs from Garbage, As Heaven Is Wide and Stroke of Luck, but they played #1 Crush, which was the song that originally turned me on to them...what was it, nearly ten years ago now? Wow.

And we did get an encore - several, in fact. So Mike didn't get to justify the spanking. No doubt he'd have done it anyway given the chance. I know I would. Besides, sometimes spankings are rewards...and this show definitely deserved a reward. I've ruined another band for listening to at home, but I'm glad I have the memory of seeing them live. They were the first band I was really a fan of, and if I have a favourite band, they are it.

I didn't get anything of theirs, or any of my CDs signed after the show, though, which was a mistake on my part. Mike and I both wanted to buy signed Start CDs, though, and by the time we got out of that line it was, like, nearly 1 AM. And nearly everyone had to work the next day - except Andy, that lucky dog.

All in all - a great time. I'm glad I got to go, and I'm glad I got to go with you guys. Mike, Jen, Andy, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. :)

Now, back to my regularly scheduled life. In the next post, we'll find out what the hell else I've been up to during my silent period. But first...work!





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Sep. 1st, 2005 09:15 pm (UTC)
Kidnapping? *raises eyebrow* You're making me awfully curious over here.

Oh, and blue Curacão is delicious.. And I will blame you, you know, if I end up drinking too many Blue Hawaii's next weekend, because it's been years since I did and your post reminded me of that fact. *grins*


Sep. 1st, 2005 09:50 pm (UTC)
Read the comments on my last post. Apparently my public were worried about my fate. *laughs*

And hey, you'd have blamed me for something anyway. I've known you long enough to be sure of that much. :P It might as well be an enjoyable drink...or five.

Sep. 2nd, 2005 12:07 am (UTC)
Hee. I..see. Interestng.

And well, yes, I probably would have. *grins*

Sep. 2nd, 2005 12:32 am (UTC)
*laughs merrily*
Once again you have your way of sucking the reader into your world. Glad you had a blast. And yay for Curacao :D Mmmm Blue Glory's. Damn...I'm out of Peppermint Schnapps!
Sep. 3rd, 2005 01:52 am (UTC)
I might as well jump on the Curacao bandwagon, because it is most certainly delicious, and one of the awesomest colours liqour can be. Also, deep fried ice cream equals love.
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