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Sooo...finally done at work. *heaves a sigh of relief* Friday was mostly spent bitching about my boss behind his back with my co-worker for this week, Jinting, who predecessed me in this job and so feels my pain. They brought her back to be a production for the Asia Day event, and then Charles refused to actually let her manage, insisting on meddling to no end.

Needless to say, she is a bit vexed about this. But amusing in her rage and rather pleasant when not enraged. I hope she'll keep reading here even after I've finished with my work ranting. Along those lines - Hi, Jinting! :P

In any case, it was sweet, how sad they were to see me go. Maybe they'll hire me in a more strictly technical capacity as a webmaster/IT consultant/forum admin (they don't have a forum yet, but silly ambitious Charles thinks there's a use for one on their site)- that might be nice. Being able to do most of my work from home, in the field I'm actually supposed to be trying to join, and having as little to do with Charles as is humanly possible while he's still paying me. :)

All in all...the work term was okay, my bitching aside. A little piece of my sanity is a small price to pay for entirely clearing my credit card debt in one swell foop. Now I can even feel accomplished, if I ignore the Student Loan of DOOOOM hovering over my shoulder.

Speaking of which....sigh. This was the year I was stupid enough to check the "permannent disability" box on my loan application.

"Truth!", says you, and me, when I filled it out.

"Entirely unnecessary bureaucratic hurdle!" is the reality. Because now I have to apply for a $2,000 federal grant that there's little chance I will get, because my disability, while permanent, is comparatively minor and requires little to no extra measures to manage.

And my loan application is on hold until this is sent in and processed.

And my tuition is due in a month.

And the AISH office is still sitting on the application I made a month and a half ago.

Goddamn it all.

Now, I had planned to spend some more time looking for residence this weekend, before school starts Wednesday. But the search has now transcended futile and gone straight to fucking surreal, because there's no way the house is going to sell and close before October. Assuming she even does sell it, because she still wants me to stay here if at all possible, and if the insurance payment she's expecting is enough to help cover Ral's school fees in the States (*cough, snort*) then she doesn't want to sell the house yet.

Gahhh. Why is there no certainty in my life! Look for roommates for this house! Look for a new house! Do both! Run around like a headless chicken! Put on a clown wig and sing show tunes out the window of a speeding truck in the middle of winter on a busy highway!

If nothing is going to make sense, the least it can do is to do so in style.

In any case, I'm postponing my move to later in the month, or even in October, so we can be sure what the hell is going on. I guess that's the best I can do. The stepdad has gone back to New York to tend to his business (and is likely to take a trip to Nigeria before too long), and so we just have to wrap things up here.

In any case, with that plan scuttled, I actually have my weekend mostly free. Going out Sunday afternoon, though, with Pragya, that grad student I've mentioned in passing before. One hopes it goes well, though really I'm not sure how "well" is to be defined here. I guess I'll see what happens.




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Sep. 6th, 2005 06:02 am (UTC)
Hey man
HOLY FUCKING CHRIST AM I PISSED OFF!! (This is Jinting by the way)

Charles fucking calls me at 9PM tonight and was like "thanks for your help, we found someone else to take a stage management position. you're not coming in tomorrow", essentially. I look at the Yahoo accounts and here are some choice excerpts from the email Charles sent to the board:

On Monday, the first day of her work, I gave
> Jinting a very clear instruction on her duty of the
> week:
> The first priority is "Complete Asia Day
> Rehearsal setting up with the threatre, stage
> manager and the 8-group leaders.
> The 2nd priority is Complete Asia Day working
> team.
> However, the second day she seems ran wild. She
> want to know everything, and have to participate
> everthing she wants. She knew Leo, the promotion
> agent, and she'll meet Leo with Vinod the next day.
> It was a very unbelievable situation. I should
> reported and discuss with Vinod sooner.

We need her work, but we could not get her
> reasonable cooperation. That was the board decision
> try to resolve it on Thursday.
> By the way, I felt I have played two roles to the
> young students' S.T.E.P. worker which is government
> subsidized. Beside employeer, I have an educator's
> duty, wishing them and helping them to have a briet
> future if I can.

I don't need to defend any of this bullshit to you because you know EXACTLY how RETARDED this is and exactly what went on!! What a bunch of lies and bullshit!!

OKay no more ranting, just thought you'd be interested. Holler back at jzhao@ualberta.ca
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