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Ah, fall. It's really my favourite season, or at least in a close tie with spring. Cool weather, crisp breezes, torrents of leaves blowing everywhere like little dancing devils, gold and red through the grey skies. For any student it's the real beginning of the year, none of this January BS. :)

School's nice in general. Knowing far, far in advance when all your assignments are due is a nice little bonus. Well, except for the occasional outliers in Psych and Networking, but they can be dealt with as they arise. Next step - actually getting some of them done during the week so that my Sundays aren't a little slice of Hell. Like today will be once I've tended to everything else I need to do. Though this week's set doesn't actually look too hard.

Did a nice little mass survey in last week's Psych class - I continue to be amused by the elegance of the Psych department using its students as sample for its studies. And the survey itself was interesting to write.

My student loan was approved, yay! Just found this out today, and now, after I get all that stuff in the mail and get it signed at school this week, I can stop worrying about tuition. Now I just need to start worrying about rent and bills. :)

Speaking of which...bleh. Mom's changed her mind again. *laughs* She doesn't want to sell the house, she wants me to stay here and rent it from her, and then if and when I leave, she wants to keep it and rent it out until she can sell it, as sort of a retirement investment. She's hoping to get the girl she wanted me to stay with before (a family friend of ours who goes to GMCC) and her brother to take one of the other rooms, leaving one for me to find someone to fill if only to help out. So I'm back on the flip side of this search again. Yay.

On the bright side, I don't really mind staying here. With the bus service not sucking anymore, this is actually a pretty comfortable place - or at least more comfortable than I could imagine for the same price my mom wants. The only real worry I have is keeping the place up - on the other hand, there's no need to mow the lawn or garden in winter, and I'm sure that roomies or neighbours can help with the snow shovelling. Mmm. If she does get the girl she wants to stay here, she says she'll be leaving by the first week of October. I'm not surprised - she's sold her business and her car, Me and my situation is really the only thing holding her here. And over in New York, things are getting...interesting.

It seems that Emeka, my stepdad, has the typical failings of African fathers - to wit, he's a raving control freak. Ral, on the other hand, has the typical failings of hot-blooded young women - to wit, she absolutely refuses to be controlled. Mom knew both of these, and tried to warn him that the best he could hope for from either of us was friendship, not filial submission. Especially from Ral, but even from me - Mom raised us to be our own people, thank heaven, and however...accomodating I am, there's a limit to how far I will bend.

In any event, it appears he hasn't listened.

Hilarity ensues.

My sister, as you likely know, is a very social person. She likes going out and meeting people in a way that I can only cower in fear of. Now, out of safety concerns (I'm being charitable here), he mostly wouldn't let her go out on her own, or at least not to go very far, without his permission. Ral being Ral, she went out anyway. He retaliated by withdrawing her from the acting class which was the entire fucking reason that we uprooted her and sent her out early.

Things went downhill from here, until last night when, upon being denied said permission, she ran off from both him, and the friend she was going out with, and disappeared into Manhattan on the subway, calling my mother from the train station while she was in Calgary. Mom managed to talk her back home while she got a hold of Thomasine, a family friend who lives out on Long Island and was willing to take her in, but things got...a bit messy back there, to the point where the NYPD were called in for a domestic disturbance.

She was the one menacing him. *laughs* She'd somehow managed to lock him out of his own apartment (probably through sheer brute force - she's stronger than she looks, and he is fifty-odd years old), spewing death threats at him through the door. In any event, the police and my mother managed to calm things down, and she's now off on Long Island. Needless to say, she's not going to be living with them even when Mom gets out there. They're busily trying to arrange school for her until next spring - until then, I imagine she'll only see him at Christmas like I am likely to.

Though really, I missed all this, as I was out yesterday with evilgetyours, seeing The Corpse Bride. In retrospect, I think I will call this one a date. ;)

The movie itself was a delightful little thing, cute and funny and also very touching in the end. The plot was kind of predictable, but still a nice story - and, after all, a lot of the joy of a Burton flick, especially one in the stop-motion Nightmare Before Christmas vein , isn't always in the story as much as it is in the visuals and the characters and dialogue, and all of these were wonderful.

The contrast between the land of the dead and the land of the living was plain to see, and reversed from what might usually be expected - the dead apparently know how to have a good time far better than the living do. :)

Victor and Victoria themselves are darling, especially together, and the tragic Corpse Bride was lovely. And they're all well-acted, you get a real sense of their despair at the hopelessness of their situation. There was a lot of humour in the movie, from the inevitable puns about death and slapstick skeleton humour, to even a few dashes of sparkling wit. I won't go into many plot points because I want you all to see it. *chuckles*

Afterwards, we got some food and went back to campus and the dorms (I'd never actually been in Lister Centre before, and I've been here for three years. :) ) to hang out and chat and stuff for a couple of hours, before she went to meet some girlfriends (prior plans) later in the evening. We did meet an acquaintance of hers, a Music Ed student who, while we talked, got a chance to hear me sing (don't ask. :D) and immediately assessed me as a baritone. Oddly enough, I'd had that curiosity about what octave my voice ranked in for a good while - learning that was just one of many pleasant surprises on the day. :)

All in all, good times, very good times. I do hope to see her again soon, but realistically, things are likely to be rather busy for the next little while, with everything going on.

Still, we shall see. And it's nice to see this year getting off to a good start. It gives me all manner of hopes for the future if this trend continues.



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Sep. 26th, 2005 06:17 am (UTC)
The leaves are also very good for alerting you to someone stalking you late at night. :)
Sep. 26th, 2005 06:21 am (UTC)
My stalk-fu is weak!
Drat, she's onto me.

Memo to self: develop antigravity shoes.

Sep. 26th, 2005 05:54 pm (UTC)
Re: My stalk-fu is weak!
Silly boy. You just have to know how to walk between the leaves.
Sep. 27th, 2005 01:22 am (UTC)
>Afterwards, we got some food and went back to campus and the dorms
Dude, do you mean to say that you're quasi-dating a freshman? Daaaaamn, good on ya, I suppose. :v

-Nathan, withholding Listerette stereotypes as best he can
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