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Master Of My Domain

Clearly, my mother is the centre of some vortex of chaos. Even when her plans look final, they are still mutable.

Long story short. Expedia had to cancel her booking for some bizarre reason, and then United set her about fifty million hoops to jump through to rebook it, and enough of an extra cost that the headache she'd hoped to avoid by taking a plane was likely starting up anyway.

So she took the bus. And left this afternoon. She'll be gone for, as I said, three weeks at least, and is likely only to come back for a bit before vanishing again.

And then there was one.

Now comes the test.


P.S. She left me her cell phone, with a new number so all her old clients don't bother me. If the idea of having me on a leash (metaphorical, of course!) appeals, feel free to ask me for the number. I may even give it to you.


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Oct. 3rd, 2005 01:21 pm (UTC)
i suggest a farting contest!
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