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Google News double-takes

Vancouver city councillor suggests city run, non-profit brothels.

I love this country. Really, I do.

I don't know how much reasoned discussion the idea will get, but it's a damned sight more than it would get in most other places on the planet. The fact that he even suggested it speaks volumes.




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Nov. 11th, 2005 10:12 am (UTC)
This is so surprising to me. Thanks for posting it, I think I may pass it along for discussion.

Whenever I talk about legalized prostitution in general, I have trouble seeing any other opinion but my own, which is rare with me. I like to have well-rounded arguments, but in this case, it's tough.

How is this even controversial? I want to ask. This could be so beneficial for the sex trade workers. </i>And</i> it's not like the government will be making a profit. What a great idea.
Nov. 12th, 2005 12:16 am (UTC)
No worries - it's like me and same-sex marriage. I have issues seeing the other side of that discussion, which irks me.

It's an especially good point that the government already profits off the sex trade by its absurdly high (relatively) licensing fees for escort agencies/massage parlours. This is actually a bit less of the "wages of sin".

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