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Well, today's is more a stupidly arranged question.

There are four statements about laundry detergent. All well and good. The questions proceed thus.

"Which is the most important?"
"Of the remaining three, which is the next most important?"
"Of the remaining two, which is the LEAST important?"

The fuck?

Newsflash, ASI: Humans recognize patterns. No need to screw them up lie this.

Okay, now back to your regularly scheduled (ha!) LJ entry.

So. The weekend was basically great. Great doesn't even begin to cover it. It kicked ass.

Ral and Mom were away working as promised Saturday morning, so I had the house to myself. I unfortunately was not able to invite anyone over (especially not the one I wanted *sparkle Jessi*), but things went well anyway.

Went to Tommy's in the evening, listened to Mike play with his rental synthesizer (though I fear he's developed an unhealthy obsession with it.), won the night's game of Mario Party by, admittedly, sheer dumb luck, got largely owned at SSBM again, slept, woke up, saw Mike off while Tommy was still sleeping, ate, and then left myself.

Much fun was had.

Came home, made small talk with some guests, and chilled.

Well, if one discounts the weather. It's been incredibly, unpleasantly hot lately, and shows no signs of letting up.

And no, dear, by hot, I do mean more than 70F. *laughs* More like 85-90F or so.

I'm meltiiiiing!


P.S. Happy Canada Day! *grins* Ironically, I'm working today, and not on the Fourth of July.

Also, no quizzes today. Aren't we proud!
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