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Post Mortem

Thank heaven the term is over. I think my academic motivation tank is running even emptier than usual.

On the bright side - I saw a white rabbit darting across Quad on my way home. And the Gateway's yearly joke issue had me in giggles again. What's there to say? I may be sick of school, but I love this campus. :)

First pair of exams is on Monday - Psych and Number Theory. Nice and easy to get things started. Though really, the only ones I'm really worried about are my Calculus exam and maybe Set Theory. This has really been one of my better semesters since the disaster that was my sophomore year, but that can't quite make up for the fact that I'm really just sick of this whole bloody business. Maybe the break will lift my spirits. I'm sure seeing Kim will do a number on them. And if nothing else, that should be more motivation for me to work even harder and make damned sure that this is my final year as an undergrad.

Of course, should and would build no bridges.

I just heard from my mother - she's booked her bus tickets to leave on the 12th and be back on the...15th, looks like. So I guess I have some cleaning to do in between studying. Only some, though. I've actually done a decent job, with a lot of help (Thanks to Amanda and all my other party guests. :D). Probably because there's a limit to the mess I can make in the house all by myself. :)

Does anyone else find this as amusing as I do? Apparently America's biggest Muslim-bashing TV network (do I really need to tell you which one?) has a Saudi prince as a major shareholder, and said prince does not hesitate to exercise his influence on their editorial decisions. At least in this one rather amusing case.

And yes, I read the Corner at National Review. Blame Andrew Sullivan. I have no problem with conservatives as long as they show evidence of having brains in their heads instead of channeling the millenia-old ghost of Saul of Tarsus. He must really get tired of having all those mouths to talk through.

I want to go see Aeon Flux tomorrow or Thursday (Friday is the LAN party, and I am not missing the LAN party. :) ). Nathan, I know you're interested - when're you free? Anyone else? Yes, I'm told it's no Serenity, but really, how bad could it be? :)

I also want to see Syriana, which I imagine as just my kind of spy movie, but since that opens Friday, it'll have to wait until next week. Pity. Not to mention that I may skip one or the other because of budget concerns and wanting to actually buy some Christmas gifts this year.

And as a parting gift, I leave all of you with this new Nintendo DS game. I think I actually lack words this time, and will have to settle for maniacal laughter. I will only say that this is just one reason why more women designing games can only be heralded as a Good Thing. If only for the sheer novelty value.



Dec. 7th, 2005 06:09 pm (UTC)
The Getaway this year is fantastic! They really don't spare any details.

*hearts Andrew Sullivan*

Hmm. That new game looks intriguing. Good lord, a bunny?

A very nice update. :) I enjoyed this.