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Alone again...

So my mother's left again, as of Wednesday night. The upstairs is basically empty - I have some cleaning to do over the next week and a half before Diane moves in, but the bulk of it is already done. I can't get too used to the quiet and the rest of it...or maybe I can, honestly. From what Mom tells me, we both seem the type to keep to ourselves, and likely don't have too much common ground. Get along, sure, but I doubt we'll be spending much time together. It'll really be exactly as if I was living on my own, I don't doubt, except for having some help with the bills.

Which will definitely be welcome. I'm not broke-broke-broke yet, but I don't like the way my bank balances look, and I'm keeping myself on a tight budget until I know how much I'll need to be spending in a month with Diane here. Hopefully my mother will be able to pay me back some of the money she owes me - she's had a habit of using me as her lender of last resort for a very long time, which has continued during this hectic year, and so I'm financially a bit short of where I should be at this point of the year. So all I can do is think happy being-paid-back-some-of-the-2k-I'm-owed thoughts, and hope for the best.

Last night was kind of sucky and lonely, but I think that had as much to do with my evening class (POL S 334, North American Politics) as anything else. I've never had one of those once-a-week three-hour lectures before, and I don't think I really like the idea. Not sure whether it's because I don't like sitting in the class for three hours however interesting it is (and it is interesting), or just because I don't like not leaving campus until 6:30 PM.

Either way, I think that's the worst spot of my entire set of classes this term. I'm actually enjoying them all - it's a novel thing. Middle Ages History (HIST 110), for all that it's mostly stuff I already knew, is a period that I'm very interested in, and getting a chance to go over it in detail. Foreign Policy Analysis (POL S 457) has a semi-retired Austrian diplomat as the professor, and not only does he know his stuff, he has piles and piles of interesting and good-humoured anecdotes to share with us, from someone who's really been there. And Cyberethics/Computers and Culture (PHIL 366), is everything I thought it would be - a funny and well-rounded group of techies, philosophers, and interested people discussing the cultural ramifications of the Internet and other tech developments.

Those are the highlights, but really all my courses are at least decent. I don't, sadly, have the same Psych prof as last term, but the course itself promises to be interesting, like all the others. Of course, we're only two weeks in, and they haven't started throwing papers at us yet, so I may be eating my words come March, but for now my classes actually are fun, and worthwhile, and I feel genuinely guilty when I miss them, and I actually don't miss as many as I used to. I should have jumped ship years ago. If I had, I might be finishing off my grad requirements now, instead of looking at another year in class, and a lot of things might be easier on me right now.

But whatever. No point crying over spilt milk.



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Jan. 21st, 2006 07:41 am (UTC)
"cultural ramifications of the Internet" like the spreading of insidious blogs and the such?¿? :)
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