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Fortress Of Solitude

I should really be ashamed to find this song so funny. I found it linked on Andrew Sullivan's blog, where he describes it as "Tom Lehrer meets Mahmoud Ahmadnejad". I can't describe it any better than that - it really has to be listened to to be believed. Just as long as it's not taken too seriously.

So, I have a roommate now. Sort of. We haven't really met or spoken much, though impression 8 was favourable - she offered me some food she'd ordered in, but by the time I could come up to get it, her friends had arrived to help her move stuff, and I saw it prudent just to stay out of their way. I somehow get the feeling we both prefer it this way, really. Should I?

To be blunt, with my computer and my bedroom down here, I would only really be upstairs to leave the house and to eat, and when our plans are over and done with, I'll be able to do both down here. No, I'm not antisocial! Really! I do need to talk to her about the phone and the Net, though. Just to check if it's working for her up there, or if I need to do anything about it. Not to mention collecting on new bills that arrive. So I should strike up something resembling a rapport with her just to make that slightly less awkward.

That said...I do, I think, want to start getting out more. I had wanted to start going to New City more regularly this year, and as well, there's the Sonata Arctica concert this Saturday at Starlite. I haven't bought tickets, but I really, really want to, especially since I missed Therion last year, and the Opeth show went nuts, and I didn't even hear that Lacuna Coil was playing here.

I just have to decide whether I can really afford it or not. I already have an arguably frivolous purchase planned for this month. Not to mention that I need a new mouse that actually responds to more than one out of three left-clicks.

Also, andur wants to start up his campaign again Friday afternoon, which is good if only because I've gotten small response to my suggestion of starting my own. (Incidentally, Andrew, I'll write you back. I promise.)

This weekend was mostly spent gaming. I make no apologies for this. I need to get some Dawn of War practice in before Nathan actually sticks his head out of the campaign mode long enough for us to play a game together (even a co-op game), and of course there's also World of Warcraft to eat my time and distract me from my troubles.

Sunday was Elianthe's and my first shot at one of the much-maligned 40-man endgame raids: Onyxia, brood mother of the Black Dragon Flight. I knew that doing the long and tedious chain of quests to gain access to her lair would be worthwhile, even if my guild on Perenolde, the Deadly Vixens (who are a great bunch of girls, a great many of whom I suspect are actually girls) have nowhere near the numbers to actually take her yet. So when I saw the call for recruits to fill out another guild's raid on her today, I figured - cool! Let's give it a try!

The scale of the encounter is certainly spectacular. And this is actually one of the shorter such raids - clear a few small monsters guarding the lair. (Small relative to Onyxia, that is - her Warders are no easy meat either), enter lair, kill dragon, loot, celebrate. A fair bit less straightforward than it sounds, if only because the "kill dragon" part takes a lot of strategy and practice. Some of our leaders knew what to do, but knowing what to do and doing it are two different things. As I was about to discover.

But my, oh my, does it look cool.

(I'm the elf in the middle of the shot, in the red cloak and the brown helm that looks like roadkill from the back. The sacrifices we make for phat lewt. :D)

That second picture was shot just before one of her Deep Breath attacks (area-of-effect fire that can quite easily kill anyone caught in it) fried about half of us. We took about three tries at it today, but couldn't spread out enough to keep that attack from happening, or get close enough to the edges of the room to avoid it. Still, knowing it's coming and having something of an idea what's needed will help the next time I get to try her.

I enjoyed myself, even in futility. There's an epic sense to the encounter, even if it's against an AI whose script is more or less known. I can only imagine what it must have felt like going in with 39 other people with no idea what to expect. Alas, those halcyon and novel days are gone.

All right, it's bedtime. Actually, it was bedtime a while ago. But I imagine I'll live.

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