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"Watching Chigbo's forehead become corrugated skin...Priceless."

Well, today was...eventful.

Argue with Ral.

Leave for work.

Ipsos didn't have enough work for everybody because of the Fourth of July weekend, so they sent us home early. Of course, that means that there's no Stupid Question Award winner today, but Tuesday's winner, by one vote (Andrew's, in IM because he didn't post a comment, tsk, tsk) , is:

"Does Curel Ultra Healing Lotion feel like a lotion?"

Of course, in another way, they're all winners. The few, the proud, the dramatically imbecilic.

Argue with Mom on the way home from work. Yay.

Come back.

Think, "Hey, this isn't my monitor. It's too big."

Turn around.

Mike and Andy are hiding in the bathroom, holding up a camera. I actually don't know if they got a picture of my expression, with the 19-inch monitor in the background, but if they did it would probably be a classic.

Bastards. Magnificent bastards. Of course, they then left the camera behind, so nyah.

Now tell me who else I have to thank, you two, or I'll beat it out of you. *brandishes the cane*

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