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"I predict lots of boob jokes."

Well, my repeated questions as to my budget have been resolved a little - I now know how much money I should need to spend in a month here. I don't especially like this knowledge, but I know it. :) Diane had the cable guy come to install her own phone line on Saturday and, since Shaw, unexpectedly, can't have two cable modems on the same account, and she inexplicably would rather pay an extra $40-50 a month than wait a day for me to pick up a router so we can share the connection...we now have two separate cable/phone accounts feeding this house.

There was a small screwup such that the phone jack in my room is connected to her line instead of mine, but since I have another jack in the living room, and all my phones are cordless, I can really live with it until I can get someone in to correct it. Assuming it's within Shaw's purview to do so, since I have a feeling that has something to do with the insane snarl of telephone wiring in this house. Then again, if it isn't theirs, whose is it?

In any case, after all that mess, not to mention my mental budgets for the rest of the school year coming out in not-the-best-of-shape (thank God my mother found a job down in NY - hopefully she'll be able to send something my way, though her cost-of-living there is something to be shuddered at. If she hadn't had to borrow $2K off me since August, I wouldn't have a thing to worry about right now. But being her lender-of-last-resort has been a longtime and necessary evil in my life.), I was definitely glad to head out to Tommy's for a night of geeking out, especially since I hadn't seen either him or avaron (who I should really stop referring to by his journal, since he apparently can't/doesn't use it anymore) since my birthday party. vlosk and Jen also put in a brief appearance before going off on their date, which we were all glad for. However much I may have teased him. :P Hope you two had a good time.

Aside from playing a bunch of pool (man, have I gotten to suck lately?), we sampled Tommy's newly purchased (well, maybe not so newly, since Andy got a crack at it a couple of weeks ago) copy of Dead or Alive 4, about which most that can be said is that it's more of the same - that is, the blatant eye candy (there are male characters in the game, but watching either the opening movie or the four of us playing, you'd never know it) quite neatly conceals a complex and intricate example of the modern fighting-game genre. The AI, of course, is insanely difficult, but that's what friends are for.

We also got to watch this scorchingly funny charity roast of Pamela Anderson on Comedy Network/Comedy Central, which was the cause of the title quote. I was, in fact, both right and wrong - there were boob jokes. And vagina jokes. And jokes about Tommy Lee's male endowment. And jokes about the previous comedians that had already made jokes. And jokes about Courtney Love that made the fifteen-year-old Hole fan in me die a little inside. The whole thing was delightfully, almost guilt-inducingly trashy and raunchy, and I don't know if Andrew liked it nearly as much as Tommy or I did, but I could barely keep from laughing the whole hour through.

I was mildly annoyed that Seattle lost the Super Bowl, since it's one of two NFL teams I can pretend to cheer for, but as usual I don't especially care about it. And we Canucks don't get the spectacle of the much-hyped commercials (except maybe by hunting them down online - might my 'Merkin friends tell me if it's worth that effort?), so I didn't even watch the game, just hung about home, settled in, and found some stuff that needs to be mailed out tomorrow.

I also enjoyed a moment of schadenfreude when I found out that my former-and-much-reviled place of employment is shutting its doors in the city. The company cites rental costs as a reason - I have a feeling it's more because the work environment was so poisonous and unpleasant that they eventually couldn't find anyone willing to work there for the pittance they were paying, and they refused to change their method of operation, which was hated by interviewers and respondents alike.

In any case, farewell and good riddance to you, Ipsos Direct. Neener neener neener.

This week I need to focus on school, especially with midterms coming up. Also, get groceries and start nosing about to find a summer job. After that, maybe start laying things out for the every-other-Saturday campaign - I've gotten enough preliminary response to the idea that it seems worth pursuing and planning it, while seeing if perhaps I can lure a couple of more people into playing (hint, hint. :P).