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A Series of Inexplicable Calamities

I wish I had the slightest clue why the foot to my cane (the little rubber thing on the bottom) vanished today on my way to school. I can't even think of how that could possibly have happened, let alone without my noticing - it seemed fairly securely attached. I managed to MacGyver up something to get me through the day, but in the long term I'll have to either replace the foot (where does one find something like that?) or just replace the cane.

As it happens, I already have another one, which is currently standing by my bedside, watching me in my slumber with eyes like gemstones, in place of its giver who cannot do the same. It may be time to press it into its intended service, since I have a week of leisure in which to adapt to it by tottering about the house like a year-old child.

ETA: And five minutes after I posted this, I stepped out of my room...and nearly tripped over the wayward foot. Bah. Maybe I should switch anyway. Hrm...

On the bright side, my PHIL midterm went excellently. I think I made a couple of stupid mistakes, but overall I'm quite pleased with what's on paper. Let's hope Dr. Cooper shares my opinion.

Reading Week ahoy! Sleep, gaming, plotting, and term paper ideas. That, and that whole odious "responsibility" thing.

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