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...I have got to stop torturing myself with catchy and topical music. I'm not sure whether I'm tired from lugging all those textbooks around campus today, or suffering a relapse of the usual reasons for my being moody, and all the mopey Smashing Pumpkins/Placebo/Auf Der Maur/Garbage ballads are fucking up my self-perception. But they're so good, like candy for the ears. The sort of candy you overdose on while telling your online chat partners that you're hardcore, but candy nonetheless.

It looks, sadly, like we actually have a winter now. I have to be careful to keep myself from getting snowed in here in the Basement of Solitude. I would prefer not to have to ask Diane to let me use her door. But hey, it's March. Can't be much longer, right? Right? Ahahaha.

Another reading week break over, another charade of an SU election where we get to choose between a bunch of hacks nobody knows or cares about, making promises they don't have the power to keep. And yet I've voted in every one since I've been here. Mostly for the referendums - like the one on the student health plan that inexplicably died last year (probably because most of us still qualify for our parents' AHC plans). Or this year's Physical Activity Complex fee, which I don't care about mainly because I won't be here long enough to see any of the benefits, but will definitely be here long enough to be charged the fee. Or the campus-wide tobacco use and sale ban, about which...I have issues. I don't smoke, and I don't like smoking. But enacting this would set a precedent that I would prefer to avoid.

Firstly because I don't know how the SU thinks they can manage it, secondly because it's a pointless exercise. The buildings are already non-smoking, and the rest of campus has a kickin' ventilation system that disposes of stray smoke right quick. So there's no health benefit to non-smokers involved, which leaves this as just the SU (or, to be fair, the people that pushed this petition) playing morality police. Yes, the tobacco industry is a den of thieves that sells a killer product. That's beside the point. Unlike the high schools that this measure's proponents are comparing it to, it's actually legal for the students here to smoke, and if they're not harming anyone besides themselves, there's no call to restrict it. We're supposed to be allowed to make, and held responsible for, our own decisions here, right?

If this passes, maybe I should advocate a campus-wide alcohol ban next year. Just to see how widespread the desire to go run and hide under Mommy's apron strings really is amongst my fellow students.

Blehhh. I've been helping my sister edit her college application essays, where by edit I mean "cut them down by absurd amounts because her writing style can be characterised as 'mugging thesauruses for fun'". There's another plea for help waiting in my inbox. I can't deal with this tonight. I need food, tea, and then to smash something virtual until Kim surfaces.