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Fishes Out Of Water...And In Vodka


Both celarus and I thought we'd gotten into a bit of a rut, and so decided to drag ourselves out of our respective basements for an evening. Despite not being able to get any others to come with us, a good time was had by...both. Despite our venue, a local sports bar named Suzy Cues, not being at all the sort of place you might expect us to go to. It practically screamed jock - by all rights we should have burst into flames upon entry - but I wasn't even carded (which is good, as I'd left my passport at home and was hoping I could convince whoever asked that I was myself through a combination of other cards with the requisite information). I guess the bouncer being a classmate of mine helped with that. :D

Instead, we got to enjoy some nice drinks and some very nice chicken wings, chat, catch up, and reminisce happily for hours (I was reminded of one time when "strike up a conversation with someone reading a book you recognise" actually worked - it was how I met him back in tenth grade), and (quietly) roll our eyes at how seriously most of the rest of the crowd took the Ultimate Fighting Championship event that was on the TVs. I'd actually never seen one of those fights before - it would have been disappointing if I'd actually cared. Seemed barely any more violent/real/visceral than a WWE event, it merely lacked the campy soap-opera storylines. On the other hand, as Andrew astutely said, if anyone was actually listening to us when our conversation turned to World of Warcraft and the upcoming Oblivion release, they were probably rolling their eyes too.

I was not quite drunk enough to point out aloud in the bar that the biggest cheers from the crowd invariably came when the fighters went into clinches on the mat that would send my slashier friends into giddy convulsions. But I certainly thought it, and wondered if I was the only one who did.

Was a joy to relax, have fun, and just forget about everything going on for an evening. However temporary the reprieve may have been, it was sorely needed for us both. Thanks, bud.