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I certainly do feel lucky!

Oh, thank fuck that's all over.

Now I have to do some cleaning and prep for the opening D&D session tomorrow.

It's not sleep, but it'll do. :D


P.S: Andy, what's the verdict on you and Jen? Are you coming, and what do you expect to be playing? So far, William is playing a Gnomish Druid, Tom has a Touched Druid (oh, those two together will be interesting), Andrew has a Human Fighter, Chris (who might not be here the first day) is also playing a Human Fighter. Hailey wants to play either a sorcerer or a cleric, and I haven't heard from either you two or Mike regarding characters.


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Mar. 20th, 2006 06:48 am (UTC)
So, how was it for you?
Great gaming session, Chigbo.

No killing, but a really good session of RP, althought Chris needs to realize that this is not likely to be the standard.

Mike, Hailey and I were all a little off out game due to the heavy snow and the late start.

Looking forward to the next session on April the 1st (remembering that the evening will be shorter than usual due to Daylight Savings Time).
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