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So. yesterday's opening session of Triad went excellently, despite the weather slowing us down and keeping vlosk and Jen from coming at all. We have a rather...interesting party setup, with celarus's city guard & Chris's naive farmboy human fighters on one side, and a legion of worldly, amoral midgets on the other (chantillary's hippie drug-dealing druid, bob13's con-man gnome rogue, Hailey's former-courtesan halfling sorcerer, and Tommy's...I actually don't know what Tommy's going to pull yet with his Touched Druid. I'm scared. :D

I almost despaired of finding a pretext to get them all into the same party and pointed at the same adventure, especially since a great deal of the session was spent with Celarus trying to catch and arrest Chalirrlie and Taygon (chantillary & bob13 respectively) for selling drugs without a license, but with help from Hailey and the other players it all worked out just fine, and even though we all knew we were nudging things together, it all seemed entirely plausible and in character. This bodes very well indeed.

And the session itself was funny as hell too, IC banter and zingers flying about. I should really try and collect quotes for you guys, assuming I can keep up with everyone. :)

Now we just need to get characters for Andy and Jen so they can join us at the next session in two weeks.

Aside from all the snow that hit us Saturday (bob13, I hear you had some car trouble - hope everyone's all right!), this has been a very relaxing and very needed weekend. With luck, work and play will take a more even balance until the end of the term.

Stuff I need to do this week, noted for posterity:

Mine and Ral's tax returns. (Mom's too, if I can even find or receive her T4.)
Make sure house and health insurance is in order.
Relay a bunch of mail out to my family.