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Bah, why do I suck?

I haven't had much to say this week because, frankly, I've spent most of it worrying about money, which is boring and depressing and I don't especially want to inflict it on the rest of you. Looking forward to session 2 of Triad this weekend, assuming everyone can make it...and assuming that you all won't just take the chance to play April Fool's jokes on me. :P

The interesting thing about being a senior undergrad is that the professors very often have better things to do than actually teach. Last week, it was the Philosophy prof away at a conference, this week it's my Foreign Policy professor off to some UN meeting in New York or Santiago de Chile. Possibly both. I'm not entriely sure.

The TA is supposed to be covering the class, so there's really no excuse for me not to be there. Of course, I'm not. To be fair, I would likely either have missed it or had to wake up obscenely early, because I have to redress My Pet Flesh Wound, and that always takes forever because I haven't yet won an Olympic medal in gymnastics.

That said, if I'd been doing that instead of fucking around on LJ, I'd be out of the house by now. I don't really need to be, though, because the only other thing I need at school is my North American Relations class at 3:30 this afternoon.

Eep, I get 36 userpics now? Niice. Icon stealing FTW.