Dallan Lantagil, Invictus (paleshadow) wrote,
Dallan Lantagil, Invictus

Beggars and Choosers

It seems I may have a job lined up for the summer. Or at least for enough of it to keep me from worrying.

The government is running a census this year and, since enough of my compatriots apparently find it difficult to fill out a census (whaddya know, we're not all as smart as we're cracked up to be), Statistics Canada is staffing three call centres with personnel to answer questions about them, from the end of April until the end of July, so I'd be employed for three out of the four months of my break.

Honestly, it's not a certainty yet - I still have to write an aptitude test (ha!), pass an RCMP background check (ha!), and interview. But in my typically confident (ha!) fashion, only the last of these presents any measure of worry to me.

The job itself is....hm. Pays $12 an hour, which is less than some of the others that I've looked at. Shift work, apparently, which will throw monkey wrenches at any attempt at scheduling _anything_ this summer, and located downtown, which means I can't reliably count on getting home by bus every day (since there's a possibility of my shift ending at midnight.) While I'm used to insane and erratic sleep schedules, in the past they've at least been my choice.

On the other hand...I really need to be working this summer, as soon as possible. If everything goes well today and this is offered to me, I don't know if I could turn it down and hold out for something better that's a lot less certain. Last year is still entirely too memorable.

Regardless, thanks to chantillary for the tip. Sadly, there is no XP bonus for finding the Dungeon Master a job. :P

Tags: personal

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