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Celebrate the modern end...

Well, that's done. History exam went decently - there were a couple of the short-answer questions I couldn't remember, my typical vaguery with exact dates asserted itself again, and the 5 page essay was not fun, but I think I did well. My final grade for Psych came back - C+. Meh. It'll do - it's not as if I cared about that class anyway.

Next task at home - clean this bloody place. Dishes, sweeping, garbage, vacuuming, whatever. All needs to happen.

Next task for school - prepare ten page poetry and prose portfolios for the end of May, to get into the courses I want for my Arts requirement.

Next task for life - get a job. :D I have an interview on Friday morning for a technical support position with the University's Faculty of Business - excuse me, School of Business - which I hope will pan out, but if not I've also got, like, five more applications to write. Bleh.