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So my previously reliable iTunes alarm decides to pick the worst possible time to fail for some inexplicable reason, and I wake up just late enough to throw myself into a panic, skip breakfast and anything else besides hurrying out of the house trying to get to my job interview at the School of Business on time, but just early enough to still have to do said interview. A twenty-minute-late arrival notwithstanding. Thank heaven for my cell phone and being able to call ahead.

I think I managed to appeal to them on a personal level, but I don't know if I came across as the right person for the job. Well, I know I didn't because I didn't get it. I'm not sure whether to chalk it up to the hassle getting there (for all that the guy said it wasn't a problem, and generally came across as a rather hoopy frood), or my answer to the "what do you want to do when you're done school?" question (I did mention that I wanted to try and get into law school before dipping my toe in the IT career pool, which, while honest, seems in retrospect to be a bad decision given the quoted reason for them not hiring me, "we're looking for someone with a career focus in Information Technology"), or simply not getting the right answer on the hypothetical-situation question - I should have. In the actual situation I'd have done what they turned out to suggest, I just couldn't remember it there.

At least I don't think I presented as too much of a nervous wreck, but feeling that way was enough, it would seem. Given my usual neurotic second-guessing tendencies, I'm not sure whether I'll end up calling this my fault or chalking it up to bad luck. Probably a little of both.

Sigh. The fun begins again. Time to make some more cookies, kick back to the new Tool album, and try and calm down.