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"This is the voice of World Control."

Canada Place actually bears a bit of resemblance to a Borg Cube, if you discount it being coloured and non-cubic. (Yes, I am aware this statement rivals "Assume a perfectly spherical cow" for its sheer absurdity.) So of course I thought of this icon.

I got all my grades back, finally. C+ in Psych, B in Middle Ages History, B in North American Politics, A- in Small State Foreign Policy, A in Computers and Culture. *glee* My best term ever at this school. I am vastly pleased.

Mystery Job X remains more or less a mystery. I was bemused at how they could manage to interview me for a position while not telling me which position it was. Since the aptitude tests dealt with writing ability and the ability to quickly and accurately check lists, and the interview questions dealt mostly with ability to handle deadlines and work with the difficult, the odds are I'm not being hired for a secret, Prime Minister-assasinating cabal as was theorised. In retrospect, I probably shouldn't have used Charles as my example of someone difficult I worked with and hoiw I managed it, as I rather unlikely to encounter his level of insanity in the workplace ever again. Not to mention that "A Machiavellian operator, quite willing to undercut his direct superiors and conspire with executives instead to get work done" rarely looks very good with a resume. Oh, well.

That said, both the test and the interview went very well - I'm fairly sure I'll be offered the job. Which presents me with something of a dilemma, because I'm supposed to be contacted shortly regarding another government job opportunity which seems much more interesting - software development and maintenance, plus technical support for offices of the Agriculture department. But because they're being much, much slower in their hiring process, I may have this position before even being interviewed for the better one. (Which is better not by wages, as federal student-job wages are standardised by year of schooling, but by how interesting the work itself promises to be.) I am also not in a position to hold out for any significant length of time, and I have this pathological thing about keeping to commitments that I make - if I take Mystery Job X and it turns out not to suck, I will find myself physically unable to jump to Obvious Job Y no matter how much better it turns out to be, assuming I get the offer for both with the timing that seems apparent.

Bah. I suppose I'll know tomorrow or Friday how this will turn out. At least it seems clear I'll be working in Canada Place, which means I will become very, very familiar with Timothy's World Coffee, or, as I have taken to calling it, Timothy's World Control, enacting a fiendish plot for World Domination through addictively good pastries, smoothies, and coffee. (Try the Napoleon Slice - you will thank me for it.) No doubt they're laced with mind-control agents, but abject subservience never tasted so good.

Well, except for that one time.




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May. 11th, 2006 03:03 am (UTC)
Intresting, looks like you'll be working mere blocks from me all summer.

We shall have to ingest plant and animal matter at noon some day. We shall digest it and be nourished! :P
May. 11th, 2006 04:45 pm (UTC)
Or consume alcoholic beverages some night after work.

May. 11th, 2006 07:18 am (UTC)
Timothy's World Control, enacting a fiendish plot for World Domination through addictively good pastries, smoothies, and coffee.
So, Starbucks has competition now?¿?

Don't give up all hope, if I was hiring a secret Prime Minister assassinating cabal (as you put it), I wouldn't straight out say that's what I was looking for.

Canada Place is very oddly designed, particularly the passport office. All of the "cubicles" are raised up a bit off of the floor, but stupidly, the dividing walls also have little tiny elevated floors beneath them, making re-arrangement completely impossible as opposed to how it would have been if they just made the walls that extra half-foot taller. That's government for you.
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