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Every time I hear about some new album or concert from a band I like through some passing remark elsewhere (witness, not knowing about the new Tool album until I read on Fark that it had been leaked), I feel like a little more of a failure as a rabid fanboy. I remain, however, far from certain this is a bad thing. In any case, thanks very much to stealth_banana, for telling me about the new Lacuna Coil release, Karmacode. I rather like it, even if it's a lot different from their previous releases. The best way I can describe it is that it's what you'd get if you mixed Comalies or Unleashed Memories with a Linkin Park album. No doubt I've scared some of you off with that summary, but I do think it deserves a listen or several. Favourite tracks so far are "Fragile", "Within Me", "Devoted", and their cover of Depeche Mode's "Enjoy the Silence".

There is a certain irony in the fact that last weekend, which was rather charitably described as "too Irish for me", by a WoW guildmate of mine who'd recently immigrated to Edmonton from Ireland (don't ask me why. :)), I had friends over and then went out for a party, whereas this weekend, which is clear and sunny enough to make a poet weep, I spent inside cleaning my apartment. It was, however, necessary. And distracting. And now that it's done (aside from laundry, because I haven't worn enough clothes in the last week to justify doing it) I feel ever so much better.

I should call my mother. 'Tis the season, after all. On the other hand, I talked to her yesterday, and doubtless any conversation would turn quickly to the six hundred reasons we both have to be horribly stressed out. I'd much rather be able to give her good news, which could come as early as tomorrow depending on how efficient these government agencies decide to be. Finding out that Ral's decided to go to Pace (with the accompanying $30,000+ price tag) must have been worrying enough. Still, it's not as if it costs me anything, so I may as well.

Have nearly managed to beat Halo, but I doubt that even when I do finish the game it'll measure up to the sheer relief I felt after beating the Library (level 7 of 10), surely the most maddening and frustrating bit of video gaming designed by man. Fighting wave after wave of zombies attacking you from all sides while making your way through a dark, expansive alien library and following a condescending little robot Monitor who you eventually just want to smack because the level's about twice as long as it should probably be.

"Wait, It Gets Worse!" indeed.