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Vulnerant Omnes, Ultima Necat

Today has marked an end to the nightly thunderstorms that have amused and delighted me over the past few days...and their replacement, of course, by effectively constant rain throughout the day instead.

Today was also the one day this week I actually needed to leave the house.

Fate has a cruel sense of humour. But at least She gave me fair value in exchange for sending me home from the bank and 7-11 as drenched and bedraggled as a newly bathed kitten.


O, city!
Epitome of human achievement,
Showcase of human frailty,
Monument and fortress.

O, citizen!
Erstwhile master of the world,
Formed of flesh and pride,
Helpless before the storm.

Does Gaea weep
For Her rebellious, prodigal children?
Or does She rage
And strike with purging skyfire?

Beneath the rain we are all naked,
Raiment and dignity ruined,
Sin and hubris washed away,
To begin again, clean.

The ceaseless drumming of water on earth,
The crackling of fire in air,
The world we claim to rule,
Given the voice of a Roman slave.

Quiet yet insistent,
Chiding amongst cheers,
Memento mori,
Remember you are mortal.