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Dinner with vlosk's mom last night went pretty well. I even got some nice leftovers out of the deal. We went to OPM, that "Asian fusion" restaurant my sister used to work at. I like the place and love the food, but I don't go often because it's in South Edmonton Common, and without a car that entire place is a little slice of Hell on Earth. We got to chat amiably about lives and families for a couple of hours, which was apparently enough to determine that I wasn't hiding some dire malady that I wasn't too stubbornly proud to admit to. :) Of all my self-appointed surrogate parents, she's the one I don't really try to avoid. I wonder, occasionally, why that is.

Last night to this morning - slept very well indeed and woke up entirely motivated to finally get this whole business with AHRE over and done with, rain or no rain.

As it happened, there was rain.

Made my way up to the area around Wagner High, was chatted up by a surprisingly amiable mall rent-a-cop who was waiting for the same bus, and, when that bus came, asked the driver if he stopped near Argyll Centre. Admittedly, I knew the answer (yes), I just wanted to know where the nearest stop was, because I don't know that area of the city very well. So he said he'd tell me.

Get on bus, read Cryptonomicon, get off bus when driver points out the stop.

At Argyll Plaza. Argyll Centre is four blocks westward, according to my map. The bus doesn't come for another hour. Even I could make that walk faster. So I walk.

The freeway underpass and railroad track in my way rather put paid to that idea.

So I call a cab. $5 later, I'm at the office I need to visit.

Whereupon I find out that, by a government directive of last September (in other words, since the last time a hilariously extended job search made me come to this office for help), because I was born out of country, regardless of my citizenship status or any proof thereof I might have, in order for them to even make an appointment to be interviewed by the person who will determine if I need assistance and how much, I need to go back, with my landing papers so that they can confirm my eligibility for social assistance with Citizenship and Immigration. Considering that I had spent the past week gathering utility bills, mortgage papers, insurance documents, Diane's lease and three separate forms of government-issued identification, as requested by the cheery little machine that they assume can answer all applicant questions, I would really have appreciated knowing this before the two hour bus ride I had to go on to get there.

Assuming that would even have helped. When we landed here, my biggest concern was when my next meal was (knowing full well where it was coming from). I have no idea where said papers are. My mother might, but a) we've both recently moved so her recollection might be faulty, and b) even if she does know where they are, "where they are", is probably in one of the ten or twenty relatively indistinguishable boxes in our unlit, daunting storage room.

Whoever is trying to make me paranoid can really just stop now, thank you. You've done quite enough.




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Jun. 10th, 2006 11:55 pm (UTC)
Good god - going through all that to just turn back? Wow, that's irritatig. What's even more irritating is that you need those bullshit documents even though you have citizenship!! Isn't the point of citizenship so you have the same "rights" as people who were born Canadian? Argh.
Jun. 11th, 2006 10:51 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I seriously wasn't expecting that. Especially since they didn't need it last year. I probably should have - when I unsuccessfully applied for AISH last year they asked for the same papers. It seems odd for precisely the reason you raise - I always thought citizenship to mean that it no longer mattered how I had gotten here. Lord knows I think of myself as a Canadian before any other ethnic or national descriptor.

At the time on Friday I was just carrying my passport, which apparently was insufficient, so I just shrugged and went home, to try and find it over the weekend.

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