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When you can't change it...write about it!

I suppose you could count two reasons why I wrote this - first, to come up with a more appealing metaphor for my life as it stands right now than "stuck in a rut", and second, since it insists on coming to mind, I might as well get some use out of the idea, and hopefully remind myself what's in store if I can't just relax, enjoy what I can of life, and take what will happen as it comes.

Holding Pattern

The skies teem with shining wings,
A thousand Icaruses, hovering
Awaiting their turn to land,
Among crossing and tangled arrays
Of mortarboard and parchment runways,
Carved out of Chronos' sand.

Witness the exuberant youth,
Flying swooping tricks to soothe
Their boredom while they wait and soar.
Contrast their grimmer, sober friend,
Beating fervent wings, in anxious wait for the end
And, borne downward by worry, hit the floor.