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Job hunting continues to suck. Shoot me for thinking that it would ever be otherwise, that I might deserve different or better. I had been hoping for a job this year that actually demanded more from me that the ability to read, operate a computer, and deal with a raving psycho of a boss. Apparently I'm not qualified for anything like that, though, so tomorrow I start looking into temp agencies. Sigh.

I have had, at least, some success in finding just enough to do to stave off insanity. I could, I suppose, be going out more to pass the time - there're things even we impoverished can do outside the home, like, for example, a trip to the library - but I've really been feeling too funky to drag myself out without it being necessary. On the other hand, I've picked up the start of that exercise program that didn't quite stick when I resolved to try it last fall, (one of two things marring an otherwise excellent record on that...it hasn't been a year yet, it'll still count if I keep it up!). It's not nearly been long enough for any really telling effects, so the improvement I'm feeling must be psychological. Of course, even that's helpful, since I think a fair bit of the problems I have on my feet are psychological. Not all of them by any means, but certainly enough.

Have also been paying some measure of attention to the surfeit of summer sporting events - well, the World Cup and Stanley Cup finals, anyway, since those are the only two sports I can really claim to care about at all. Did watch the game tonight - disappointed but not surprised that we lost, given the performance I saw in the period-and-a-half that I watched between breaks in my Football Manager/Worldwide Soccer Manager game, which counts as Distraction Number Three, and probably ranks significantly higher than that. Unfortunately, I'll have to be out of the house while Sweden and England are playing tomorrow (another appointment at Argyll Centre to beg the government for money. :P), so I shall just have to content myself with a hearty virtual Heja Sverige, and put my bias on record.