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"I could not care less for oh so many things, tales of your distress and what tomorrow brings..."

Ordering that pizza was probably not the smartest thing I've done this summer, but it's a relatively small lapse in judgment, and I could make a decent case for having the money. Of course, I could also make a decent case for better entertainments to spend it on, but that's a mug's game. It's hot as hell and I don't want to cook. So pizza it is. :D I'm hoping things will cool down tomorrow - I'm going out to hand in a couple of resumes. Hope, of course, springs eternal.

In an amusing aside, I had second thoughts about getting Mountain Dew with said pizza, which made it rather fortuitous when the delivery guy brought Pepsi instead. I still kept his tip. Such behaviour should not be encouraged in anyone who can't read my mind.

From the Rule 34 of the Internet department ("There is porn of it. No exceptions."), I have to comment on Alan Moore's new graphic novel Lost Girls, which looks to be a triple threat of childhood ruining by imagining Alice (Alice in Wonderland), Wendy (Peter Pan) and Dorothy (Wizard of Oz) as grown women who meet in pre-WWI Europe, recount their pasts, talk about their adult lives, and, oh yes, have lesbian threesomes. Needless to say, there is controversy both inside and outside fandom, over the issues of Moore reinterpreting other people's characters - not to mention that part of this reinterpretation involves not-entirely-innocent flashbacks to the girls as adolescents.

Neil Gaiman (about whom I cannot possibly say enough good) has thoughtful commentary throughout his recent blog entries, starting with a review here. For myself, having not read the book I can't intelligently comment on its content, but knowing what I do of Moore's previous work, it's hard to imagine him going just for the strictly prurient angle - not to mention that I think the general reaction to fictional depictions of adolescent sexual behaviour is vastly overblown. Hell, I'm on record as not opposing fictional depictions of pedophilia, as long as I don't have to read them. :P I can't say I'm not interested in getting hold of Lost Girls (especially since I'm 21, male, and can't lie worth a damn. :P), but as I've got enough comics/graphic novels I want to acquire (the rest of Transmet, for one thing and a more recent Ellis work whose name escapes me right now, along with Moore's older works Watchmen and V for Vendetta, and, if I can find it, some of Y: The Last Man, which tabloidman recommended in a post which I'll link later tonight when I finally hunt it down), I'm likely to leave it for a while. Still, I thought I'd mention it in case anyone was interested.

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