June 6th, 2010

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Collecting Post-Nominals Like They're Going Out Of Style

I really should have known better than to attempt to start blogging agan while also attempting to study for the bar exam. That attempt was always going to go badly, since I'm not quite ballsy enough to try and write the bar exam cold like I did the LSAT.

That said, I feel like this deserves a quick post.

No, I didn't fail any of my April exams, so I got my LL.B-with-Law-and-Technology-option last night at a very pomp-and-circumstance ceremony at the National Arts Centre. My mother wouldn't let me get away with not attending this time, since she and Sis could actually make it this time.

Very disappointed at the lack of caps to go with the gowns and toss exultantly into the air but, still....

...school's out forever. Seriously. No more school. I'm done. Finished. Had enough. Irrevocably burned out. Et cetera, und so weiter.

Now, time to cram for the solicitor's exam. If I can have as easy a time with it as I did with the barrister's, I should have nothing to worry about. :D
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