July 13th, 2010

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In Which An Entire City Channels Sally Field

Longtime readers (the only readers I have left, heh) will remember my rabid dislike for the particularly Canadian (and especially Edmontonian) insecurity/inferiority complex that makes us latch onto the slightest morsel of outside praise and validation like hungry remoras desperate for a fix - but on the other hand, I was pretty happy to read this article in the Washington Post Monday, because I've had to defend Ottawa's social scene in conversations with entirely too many of my nearest and dearest, but Kaminer (a Montreal native and New York resident) writes of experiences that rather match my own - even if I don't particularly care for vegan restaurants or hipster chic (as much as certain nameless friends might think I fit the latter stereotype. :P)

Ottawa's never going to be Montreal or Toronto, and assuming I end up settling here (which is looking increasingly likely) I'll always value having those two cities close by, but I've found the trick to finding plenty to do here in the food/arts/cultural/music scene - much like in Edmonton, actually, though I lived in the wrong part of the city to take advantage - is simply looking off the beaten track to find out about it.

Apartment 613 helped me a lot, so do alt-weeklies and making the right kinds of friends, but whatever your methods, it seems to me that the capital's not nearly as dead as a lot of people like to think it is. Sure, it may have more than its share of boring grey people who just want to commute to their Kanata-tonic suburban homes at 5pm, but all that means is less traffic when the similar overabundance of educated young adults comes out to play.