January 15th, 2015

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  • Wed, 14:01: We laugh, but blowing the cover of a professional assassin that knows where you live is JUST stupid enough for Kurt Busch to plausibly do.
  • Wed, 14:51: RT @mattyglesias: Vox writers get lots of threats from Islam-bashers, none for publishing cartoons: http://t.co/mxzWy0HFwP http://t.co/Rz56
  • Wed, 15:10: RT @TabathaSouthey: "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it" --Evelyn Beatrice Hall, people, Ev…
  • Wed, 16:04: RT @cartilagefree: So, to summarize the match: Burnley were up two after 7 minutes, before Paulinho AND Capoue scored. We’re being trolled,…
  • Wed, 16:04: LRT: Spurs never do ANYTHING the straightfoward way, do they?
  • Wed, 16:35: RT @arstechnica: Samsung wants BlackBerry in potential $7.5 billion takeover deal, sources say http://t.co/QLfftJXzIb by @MeganGeuss
  • Wed, 16:42: I, for one, look forward to seeing someone try to make the case that Samsung buying out BlackBerry isn't "of net benefit" to Canada.
  • Wed, 17:12: Curious: more, or less, than the oil revenues were? RT @natnewswatch Alberta oil woes are Canada’s too: Prentice http://t.co/pUpjseUVIm
  • Wed, 18:07: RT @scalzi: Wait, people are criticizing the President for letting his kids listen to Beyonce? Jesus, 2015, you got stupid awfully fast.
  • Thu, 10:45: There has got to be a fascinating story behind Target's horribly botched Canadian rollout and it pains me that we will likely never hear it.
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