January 28th, 2015

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  • Tue, 12:31: Love/hate when professional & personal interests mix - solid SI piece on unique legal issues of @MLS labour dispute: http://t.co/unrSiXxc76
  • Tue, 13:55: Nobody asked me, but I have some very mixed thoughts on this Chait piece on SJ culture that's inflamed Twitter today: http://t.co/BBGOQDGf1w
  • Tue, 14:02: Unfortunately, I can't express them now because I have to actually work. :D
  • Tue, 14:03: But @hodgman's responding Twitter essay today and @tressiemcphd's Dec piece on "Racists Getting Fired" http://t.co/o3cUCtvJUl are pro-read.
  • Tue, 14:04: In case you feel like trying to divine my opinions from my influences (and prior knowledge of me, sure, if you want to CHEAT. :P)
  • Tue, 14:28: Surprise, my meeting got cancelled so fuck it, we're doing it live. BASICALLY:
  • Tue, 14:29: 1) You have a right to your voice. You do not have the right to a platform or an audience. SO MANY PEOPLE who are used to always having both
  • Tue, 14:30: 2) cannot STAND this fact and write whiny thinkpieces about how political correctness is ruining the campus.
  • Tue, 14:32: 3) You have the right to your voice, other people have the right to use their voices to respond. But the frame of rights only take us so far
  • Tue, 14:34: 4) And the frame of "counter speech with speech" only takes us so far, because speech always has side effects that it's wise to consider.
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