February 11th, 2015

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  • Tue, 12:35: RT @DavidUzumeri: I love it when people go "Spiderman" because the grammar elitists and nerd elitists merge into a single obnoxious entity …
  • Tue, 14:04: Skies are blue, water is wet, Goth bands adapting The Little Match Girl are depressing.
  • Tue, 16:39: RT @drewfoundland: some of the alternate (and equally arbitrary) boundary proposals for the Canadian prairies are hilarious http://t.co/ywy
  • Tue, 23:48: RT @DystopianYA: It just seems like I don't fit into our Society's prescribed categories.
  • Wed, 00:04: RT @Michelle9647: http://t.co/mxkjq9yiP2
  • Wed, 09:00: Should national media speculate on the motives for atrocities they know nothing about a) never b) always c) when we sympathise with victims?
  • Wed, 10:04: RT @daveweigel: Area Straight Man Totally Gets the Benedict Cumberbatch Thing, Doesn't Get the Eddie Redmayne Thing
  • Wed, 10:53: I'm not sure "American shoots neighbours over parking dispute" is as self-evidently absurd a theory as #ChapelHillShooting chatter thinks.