March 10th, 2015

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  • Mon, 13:13: RT @PhilMQuinn: Holy shit fuck you HBO RT @verge Apple is HBO's exclusive partner for its standalone streaming service, HBO Now
  • Mon, 13:14: LRT: And this was about the point where I collapsed helplessly giggling at my desk, knowing the rage-storm to come.
  • Mon, 13:47: RT @brianstelter: Apple has a three-month exclusive window with HBO NOW. Then other distributors (Comcast, Verizon, etc) can sell it.
  • Mon, 16:06: RT @JeffYoung: 1. Apple introduces a new product 2. People make fun of it on Twitter 3. Those same people buy it 4. [Repeat steps 1-3]
  • Mon, 17:24: RT @philmcnulty: Looked to be one yellow card for diving then another for a tugging at referee's Oliver's shirt. Senseless. All getting ver…
  • Mon, 17:25: LRT: So maybe @wickdchiq was actually right about Di Maria.
  • Mon, 21:00: RT @MikePMoffatt: I'm shocked to learn that the Conservatives and New Democrats in my feed didn't like Trudeau's speech but the Liberals di…
  • Tue, 09:50: RT @DMcWriterboy: .@normwilner @EdtheSock all recent neuroscience on decisionmaking has TERRIFYING implications for democratic government, …