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Still A Rat

Started my new job today, and not a moment too soon, really. I just need to keep the hounds at my heels instead of my throat for just a couple of weeks longer. This basically means, throw enough money at EPCOR for them to rescind the ten-day disconnection notice I got in my mail today (that would be ugly on so many levels), and/or hope that Mom's employer pays her on time so she can send something out here to handle said bills, which are pretty much the only obstacle I need to worry about. I have made a mistake in handling and prioritizing them that assumed the latter of my two necessities would be more true than it has turned out to be (admittedly, considering what Mom and Ral tell me about her boss, I had no reason to think any such thing except pure wishful thinking), and that I had more time than has turned out to be the case.

But enough of that. I have put in motion all I could. It should be enough. If it is, then I will need to worry no longer.

My new work environment seems welcoming and flexible, and a gathering of like-minded souls, mainly because of the manager's habit of hiring drastically overqualified (and therefore, presumably independent and responsible) people to fill his vacancies. On a slightly related note, I find the vastly skewed (in favour of females) gender balance in what is effectively a professional Grammar Nazi's position intriguing - in the sense that I wonder about its source. Given that the part-time requirement is a measly 5 hours per week, I should definitely be able to keep the job during the school year and make myself some measure of extra money so I don't have to live like a monk.

I start doing real work tomorrow - I'll see how I like it and plan from there. :)

I have a fair bit more to say, mostly regarding kwirq's awesome movie party on Sunday (that is, an awesome party with movies, not a party with awesome movies. :D), and the surprising realities of having my sister as a roommate (though that's interrupted until Wednesday, since she's off housesitting until then), but I should really have been in bed an hour ago. G'night.