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I know I said I wouldn't talk much about the Mideast conflict, but this CBC article managed to raise my hackles enough.

It was our never-to-be-insufficiently-esteemed Prime Minister, as I recall, who called Israel's response to the Hezbollah kidnappings and rocket attacks "measured". I suppose an indiscriminate response would be to bomb every vehicle on the road in an area approximately the size of Toronto without airdropping warning leaflets. I should be thankful they're not doing that.

Israel is trying to fight the last war. This is understandable: they won the last war. And the war before that. And so on. Their obvious military superiority (which cannot all be attributed to American military aid, if one reads the relevant history) is what has caused their enemies to resort to proxy militias and terrorism to attack them instead. The entire point of tactics like that is to overcome a lack of brute power - consequently, brute power usually fails against them except in fantastically overwhelming qualities that no non-rogue state could employ without becoming an international pariah.

Really, victory through force is out for either side through any means short of actual genocide. I presume that I don't need to explain why this sort of victory really deserves the Dr. Evil finger quotes. Nonetheless, each attempt at doing so hardens hearts on both sides and makes peaceful coexistence, or any attempt to sway hearts and minds in the opposing public away from the terrorist organisation (which is the only real way to defeat _any_ guerilla group - witness Northern Ireland) less and less likely. This really applies as well to the War on Terror (excuse me, struggle against global extremism) as to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Bah. This is why I don't write as much about this topic as I used to. I don't think I have any special insight - I'm just a smartassed college student with an interest in politics, diplomacy, and war (all really different facets the same thing). I feel like I'm just stating the obvious, and it boggles my mind that the people that actually have power to do anything about all this insanity are ignoring it.